The Soul Connection


In The Soul Connection, healer Anne Jones helps you to connect with your soul and access your divine powers. You will be filled with the most powerful and uplifting energy, which will allow love and joy to flow through you and be present in everything you do.

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You will be able to:

  • Heal the soul wounds that block your ability to live life fully
  • Feel the sense of the divine spark that is your core essence
  • Release the imprints of the past that inhibit you
  • Learn to live in joy and allow yourself to be happy
  • Remember who your really are. The Soul Connection is the perfect book for everyone who is searching for meaning and belonging in their lives

3 reviews for The Soul Connection

  1. Reals

    A must read!
    The author of this book is talking from her higher-self, full of wisdom and sense. I personally bought many books of hers and intend to by all her books. I recommend people to read her books and pass the word. She is amazing.

  2. MCgee

    Anne Jones is a gifted healer and an amazing writer – . I started with her book [[ASIN:0749924624 The Ripple Effect: A Guide to Creating Your Personal Spirituality]and it touched me so profoundly, my life has become so much more prosperous, warmth-filled and abundant ever since.

    In each of her books, she shares her insights and knowledge in a way that is simple, beautiful and easy to understand.In the Soul Connection – she goes even further and helps you to understand how to live and love in a state of joy- no matter your circumstances.

    What I like about her books is that they are written for ‘every day people’, they are written with humility and broad understanding, they teach you how to access your individuality, creativity and higher self. They are a great gift for anyone that you know who may be struggling or who need an extra boost in their life. Anyway I think her books are SUPERB***** (5 stars!) and definetely recommend reading!

  3. PJ

    Wonderful book, if you are interested in anything spiritual or just curious about the true nature of man, then read this book.

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