Slow down, Rest and Receive

I recently went to a Kundalini yoga session with my daughter Amanda. I love this form of yoga and I knew it would be a good session but I was particularly thrilled as the topic and focus for the evening was “Slow Down”. This touched a spot with me as I have been trying very hard to do this all this year not always with great success I might add. Why would I be trying to slow down and why was this subject for a yoga session? Well there are several reasons why taking life at a less full-on rush is a good thing.

The greatest cause of illness in our time is stress. Stress is an anxiety that wriggles around in your solar plexus, increases your pulse and heart beat and destroys your sense of peace and serenity. It is caused by doing too much in too little time or trying to achieve something that is just either out of your control or just out of reach. Most stress that I experience comes from giving myself too much to do in too little time. So I have a constant sense of driving myself to catch up or to achieve. I have felt this driving force within me for years and years. Even when I started to work with Spirit and to understand the forces of light and dark, to see why we are here etc. etc. – I still had this sense of trying to compete with time.
This year I have taken the decision to cut back on my schedule and allow myself more time. However, old habits die hard and I still find that I have a to-do list constantly by my side or in my head.

Sickness or accidents
When I don’t allow myself time to think, ponder, rest, relax and generally recharge my energies and when I am constantly feeling the buzz of adrenaline or stress then sooner or later I will get sick. In the last year I have had acute ear infections that laid me low for weeks, eye infections, sore throats and lastly a nasty attack of something unknown but viral-like that completely took all my energy for ten days. My body was doing its upmost to show me that I needed to slow down. I am obviously a slow learner! Each time I have been laid out I have received some great insights and my healing has moved on and I have – to use the general expression for a spiritual step forward – shifted! But why don’t I do this without getting sick?

Time to Enjoy and chill
This time-out does not have to be an organised trip, an event such as a party or involve other people. It can be simply to take time to sit in the garden and read a book, or to listen to a favourite radio program without multi-tasking or to go to bed early and just lie there listening to your heart beat. Holidays are great but it’s your approach to your time-out that counts. No guilt please – this time is important for you for recovery and also for self-development.

Rest and Receive
When I actually do as I suggest and take out time without pressure then I get the most amazing insights. I was in Spain recently, ostensibly to start my next novel (the first one will be out in a couple of months – hurray), but I decided to do nothing about it and my laptop lay idle for the entire trip! Ha – a rebel, a revolutionary – aha – sense at last! I listened to my inner voice and it said “do nothing other than rest and receive and take a few trips to the beautiful restaurants of Marbella”. So this is what I did with encouragement from my host, my dear friend Harjeet. In that time I had an amazing conversation with a force of light that I call God and was so pure and so refined that I could feel my body tingle as the messages came through. I was told how we often think we are connecting to the source of Joy or God but often are not. I was able to understand how we become so separated from the state of Joy that is our main goal. I also was shown how our negative thoughts become negative thought forms, then negative beliefs then move into our DNA. And I got all this information and more without getting sick once – hurray. I also didn’t have to go into any heavy meditations but I just asked the question with the intention of receiving an answer – so I did.

How to Slow Down
My yoga teacher gave some great advice in that kundalini session. Here are some of her ideas and some others I have picked up on the way:

  • When you feel yourself getting over excited and rushing about take deep breaths. Preferable sit down and breathe just through your left nostril.
  • Turn off the radio on the car and have quiet time.
  • If you simply must have a schedule for the day then schedule in coffee breaks and down time.
  • If you feel tired don’t fight it but go to bed early – even in the day if your lifestyle allows it – the Spaniards to it – just call it a siesta and you will feel no guilt at all.
  • See the purpose of cutting down your “Must Dos” and “Should Dos” as giving yourself a chance to regenerate, re-calibrate and recharge your energies, if you have a clear purpose then it will be easier to carry those tasks that you really want to do through to completion.
  • Make a vow that you will feel no guilt when you take your time out.
  • Know that actually time is elastic and when you do things at Heart Time, in other words, when you feel it’s really right and feels good to do it – there will always be time to complete any essential task.
  • Let go of anything you are doing other than it’s something that feels right to you rather than you feel it’s something you ought to do.
  • Focus on one thing at a time and don’t multi task. Don’t scatter your energies by starting something then jumping to something else before completion.
  • Treat yourself to a day when you drive slower than normal, walk around the garden without a purpose, have a lie in and generally take everything at slow speed.

So please do as I say not as I do! TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Contact me for a personal distance healing session.

So I am sorry but this article must come to an end as I have scheduled a short break to sit down for a
coffee with my husband and I am going to enjoy a break in the garden.

Go well, go slow and bless you

Anne xxxx

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