Is Something Taking My Happiness?

Hello Anne,

stolen-sun I found your site from you tube from a certain video about Healing Curses and Black Magic. It’s been years now that am looking for a solution.

Since I was a girl I have been experiencing weird things. But the most important aspect is that when I am happy it feels like the evil absorbs my happiness. I used to see entities now I don’t but it’s like something is next to me all the time chasing my happiness.

I am a normal person with a job friends etc but I strongly believe something is wrong. I need help.

Please if you can help me let me know

Many thanks


Dear Elena,

There are a number of possible causes of your problem. One is that someone in your family or who you were close to died and yet stayed around you. Souls that don’t move on are usually under the impression that they are helping you but as they are still on the Earth Plane they can make you feel depressed, held back and suck your energy.

Another cause is a negative spirit has been drawn to you, this can be the result of an addiction at some time or even if your mother was addicted. Addiction creates holes in the aura and this plus the magnet of the desire attracts souls that have died still craving – usually drink or drugs.

You may have been cursed, or your family cursed as curses pass down through families. So the best thing for us to do is to connect, to help me trace and connect to the energy that is causing you the problem and we can do this with a telephone session or I am introducing new personal distant healing sessions that you can book through the website. I would need to know just a few things:

  • When did this start?
  • Was addiction the starting point?
  • Do you know of any similar problems in your family?
  • Did someone close to you die about the time this started?

This could also be a karmic situation that started in a previous lifetime – we can clear that in a session too. Often negative imprints caused by past trauma act as magnets for negative enetities, energies and people so we would dissolve these too.

Bless you Elena, when I open to your energy I can feel a negative energy with you. In the meantime make sure you protect yourself every day. Call in the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael to protect and seal your aura and also the Violet Flame to transform any negativity. I have a small book on protection that you can get from Protect Yourself.
Sending you love and big hugs.

Anne x

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  1. Dear Anne,

    I got to know about your work through your Youtube video about Healing Curses and Black Magic.
    Two people from Ghana have put curses on me, my mother and sister. As the years have gone by life has got from bad to worse.
    In 1996 the first curse was put on us. My mum’s friend, a woman called Faustina wasn’t happy that my mum had got remarried as it meant that she couldn’t come and stay all day at our house like she used to, she was very possessive, plus she was jealous that I had got good grades at school and was doing well. My mum told her that I was a breech baby and maybe that was why I was lucky.

    After I got my law degree Faustina asked my mum for my graduation photo. She kept my photo in her bedroom and told my mum that she’d frequently talk to my photo, even her kids couldn’t go into her bedroom as she kept it locked. My mum thought this was strange and asked her for the photo back but she was reluctant to give it to her and said it was hers, my mum had to beg her and say she needed it to make a copy. Faustina only gave it to her after she said she would return it to her, but my mum never did.

    I never got a training contract to qualify as a solicitor despite working at law firms as a paralegal for six years with very little pay hoping to get a training contract, though my friends are all now solicitors. So I left the legal field to try to get a job with a better salary but getting a new job was very hard for me, it took me over a year before I finally did and it wasn’t the kind of job I wanted.

    Faustina’s daughter on the other hand who was the same age as me was very lucky. She did a psychology degree then got a job straightaway at a hospital before going on to do her PHD in psychology.

    Faustina told my mum she was a Christian like us but we later found out that she was into voodoo. After my mum got remarried her marriage was in trouble, her now ex-husband hit her behind her knee by accident and after that she had all kinds of problems with her knee after that. Faustina would call my mum and ask her how her knee was and the same day she would start getting pains in her knee all over again. This happened a few times, when my mum seemed to be getting better she would then suddenly hit the knee and become ill again.

    Faustina would tell my mum that her friends would keep away from her for no reason and that Faustina’s sister would pray over any mail she sent her before opening it because she thought she had worked some voodoo on the mail.

    One Christmas a card came from Faustina, I was in our house at the top of the stairs and my mum (who was at the bottom of the stairs arranging some flowers) screamed at me not to open the card, but it was too late, I’d opened it and as soon as I did my mother fell backwards, and broke her foot.
    During that time my mum went to see a psychic who told her immediately that she could see an African woman who had cursed her and instead of things getting better they’ll get worse, the curse would not only affect my mum but me and my sister as well. My mum had a lot of friends but suddenly they all kept away and would just cross the road when they saw my mum and stopped contacting her altogether, even family didn’t want anything to do with us. My mum kept away from Faustina after the psychic told her about the curse.

    After this there was a man from Ghana called Percy who was a work colleague. He was into computers and as we were having problems with our computer at home he would come and fix it but wouldn’t accept money. Like Faustina he would come to our house often and spend hours, insisting that there was lots of things he had to do to the computer.

    We had told him about Faustina and our bad luck and he started to tell us about black magic in Ghana but said he never did that. When we decided to later move to Dubai he was not happy but he said he’d help us to get rid of the bad luck before we left and gave us psalms from the bible which we had to read first thing in the morning. He said we shouldn’t eat or talk to each other before we read them so we did this but my sister kept having nightmares and the psalms only made things worse. We later found out that he fancied me which I was completely unaware of and was angry that I had moved to Dubai. He wanted me to Skype him all the time, pretending he was just interested in how the computer was working but my sister noticed a text he sent on her phone to me where he said something totally inappropriate to me. I then realized he wanted us to return home that’s why he gave us those psalms to read, he had never wanted us to leave.

    In Dubai my sister and I couldn’t find jobs for months, then when we did find jobs I got stuck in a job I didn’t like for 5 years despite going for interviews at law firms and seeing other people who had no experience being hired at these firms. People just don’t seem to like me.

    My sister only had two jobs since she came to Dubai and she got fired in both jobs in the month of December and never managed to find another job three years later. Then my company closed down in 2015 and my family used the last money we had as well as credit cards to open a company, but we hired people who were dishonest and had to fire and we never managed to get clients. People would come but would turn away from us.

    We are at the stage now where we will have to close our company. We are in such deep debt that we live in our office as we can’t afford to rent an apartment. I owe a massive amount on my credit card.

    I also borrowed a lot of money from extended family which I have no way of paying back, I can’t even afford to pay the rent for the business premises and if I don’t pay all the rent due by December my landlord will take legal action against me.

    I have been trying in desperation for months to get a job but have only been interviewed by companies who don’t really have vacancies and just interviewing in case a vacancy comes up at their companies in future. My sister is also looking for a job again but for her it’s even more difficult since she’s been unemployed for so long.
    Anything we attempt to do to improve our financial situation keeps hitting a brick wall. When we try to pray things always go wrong, even if we go to church something doesn’t like it because when we get back either something bad happens the next day or we experience disappointment, so now we’re scared to pray or go to church. We sometimes smell bad things like rotten eggs, my sister at one point saw a dark figure sitting on our bed a year ago in the apartment we were renting at the time.
    Every Christmas for the past eight years has been a disappointment, either the hot water tank has suddenly burst or there have been major blockages in our sink. Since we came here we’ve lost all our money through bad decisions, it’s like something made us blind to how we used to spend our money.

    When we take off our shoes they are often placed on top of each other at strange angles. For the past eight years since we’ve been living in Dubai, every year without fail the hot water tank has always burst. Even last week in our office the hot water tank suddenly just burst. My sister took a picture of my desk by accident one day and she saw something that looked like a face with two yellow eyes. We told the priests at church about all of this, they blessed us and told us to just think positive and it will go away, but even though we try to do this something always happens which makes this difficult.
    My family and I constantly argue over our situation We are also trying your online meditation to try to break this curse.
    We really are in desperate need of help and would really appreciate if there is anything you can suggest which would end these curses that have been put on us.

    Many thanks.


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