Soul Healing

soul healing oracle card

Symbol Message: Heal your past

You are suffering from the scars and energy imprints of past trauma and negative experiences. The memories of these events create fears that cause the issues and problems that you are facing in your life now. They are spoiling at least one relationship. You need to make an intention to heal and resolve this unfinished business so that people in your life will no longer press your buttons and you will no longer over react to their words or actions. It’s time tog go deep and resolve the root cause of your problem.

Symbol Power: Heal your soul

Take time to sit in a quiet space and contemplate your life and relationship. If you have been the victim of other people’s hurtful actions then you need to heal the resulting soul scars. These act as magnets attracting in negative energies and causing you to shut down to aspects of your life. It’s time to hear with love and forgiveness. Draw this symbol and invoke the energies of universal love you need to heal these deep wounds.

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Over time my spirit guides have given me a number of symbols that invoke universal energies of light and also activate our own personal powers that are often lying dormant within us. The energies these symbols bring are the frequency of unconditional love and they have a beautiful resonance.

They only work with good intentions and they are especially effective when your own love and compassion is present. I hand painted each of the symbols, I know you will enjoy working with them as I do.

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