It’s always lovely to hear back from those who have sought and received help.

Dear Anne
Just to say how fabulous your meeting was – i really needed it and i gained so much on so many levels. It also gave me a more positive experience of technology and connecting in this way as it was not only informative and structured but so very friendly and supportive and made me realise that what i am feeling is quite natural in these circumstances and with the shift that is going on.

Thank you so much Anne

Lots of love

Catherine xx


Dear Anne
Thank you so much for yesterday’s CC on Zoom last night. It was so uplifting to be in contact with so many like-minded souls. Thank you for the healing session, which has resulted in a sense of well-being. I feel so much more alive and in touch with myself and with good energies.
Love and blessings


Thank you for your positive energy and love, I feel so alone and the reading texts from your site and listening to your voice is making me calm.
Bless you and thank you so much.


Dear Anne hello My name is Harp couple of weeks ago i found about you on you tube I listen your healing I really like it it go through my heart straight and I’m doing your healing meditation every day and feel lot blessed.Reason why I’m writing to you as my husband is alcoholic and with alcohol he damage his health he’s in hospital from last two weeks he’s nice person but he can’t help his self as I try to do everything I can to make him better but nothing happening I’m always thinking he’s been cursed and black magic as well he got lot anger as he stuck with his past we blessed from God as we got everything but we still not happy and piece in my house. Are you able to help us personally do healing for us please ??many thanks Harp xx


Dear Anne,

Thank you so much for the wonderful energy healing session I had with you on Tuesday afternoon. It was truly what I needed and I feel so much more ‘together’ than I have in a very long time. I’ve also just watched the replay of our session which you kindly sent through after, many thanks for that.

You’ve really helped me get back on track and reclaim my own life path.

You’re an angel!

With love and hugs


Dear Anne

I found you last year on Youtube, while watching an interview you had with a journalist from Norway.

You were the one that opened my eyes in regards to my healing abilities, I ended up taking your on-line course, and from there the magic started. It made me smile when you said you are no longer doing healing sessions, as I start having so many requests, and the results in people’s lives leave me speechless. There’s no greater accomplishment than to see lives opening up and improving in unexpected ways.

On this note, I’m forever grateful I found you and that each one of us creates smaller or bigger transformations in this world.

Peace and love.


I want to begin by thanking Anne for her inspirational messages on you tube and all the work she does. My heart was in tremendous pain, I had uncontrollable anger, my life was consistently in spirals and I was running away from the love of my life. After years of suffering, I am finally myself again. I feel much better now. I am continuing to heal. I am getting my life back thanks to all that you do. Thank you.

SA - California

Pure of heart, a sincere and skilled spiritual healer.


Thank you for all you have shared with me & the gift you have given me. I am doing more for myself every day & know that there are no limits as to what I can do/achieve.

Helga - Cape Town

I would like to tell you how happy I am, to have heard of you and been able to make use of the wonderful advice of yours. Thank you very much indeed.

Regula - Malaysia

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the healing on Friday. It really felt like a big part of me had come back. I felt like the old spiritual self again… and not so lost.

Michelle - London

I have felt tremendous love, peace and connection to divine source. In short the experience with Anne was life transforming and I haven’t looked back since.

Dee - Peterborough

Anne is one of the most gifted healers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. The level of caring and the depth of the understanding she brings to this work is matched only by her determination to affect real tangable change in the world. This is most evident with her work in the heart of Africa where I have seen firsthand the huge difference her initiatives are making to the people of Zambia. Anne is an inspiration and a blessing to us all.

Mike - London

I am so inspired by your wonderful work. I have listened to your mediation CD and am transported by your beautiful voice. Thank you so much.

Sharon - Australia

I have just finished listening to it and I would like to thank Anne for her amazing work and her kind and generous heart! I could feel her energy and my heart opening and receiving it. I felt very emotional during the session. Listening to Anne’s voice and hearing her addressing all the issues in my life made me burst into tears but I felt relieved and empowered afterwards. I am very grateful for her help and hopeful that after she cleansed the negative energy that I will finally be able to feel clearly what is the right path for me.

Dragana - UK

Anne is a wonderful healer and teacher. Everything is explained so simply and learning from her is a joy. Her energy is light and bubbly but seems to leave you feeling clam and confident.

Joylina - London

The telephone healing I received from Anne Jones was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It was immediately apparent afterwards that something quite profound had happened.

Gail - Cambridge, UK

Anne has a special gift for understanding what it is that each of us needs to discover to enable us to make the next step in our process of individual growth and understanding. It is this rare talent which makes her an outstanding teacher.

Peter - Hemel Hempstead

Healing from you is like being touch by Angels, bless you Anne, you have empowered me to change my life, words can never be enough to thank you.

Debbie - Hampshire, UK

I send you my heartfelt thanks Anne for guiding me through the transition from fearful to fearless.

Pat - Scotland

I felt as if I had been on a momentous journey and emerged a more fulfilled person at the end.

Christine - Poole

Dear Anne

Hope all is well with you. Since the personal healing session in October I have been using the ‘cut the thread’ method to disconnect with the energies of my family members.

Pleased to inform you that I am no longer affected with what they say or do. I can look at it objectively without being emotional. I was surprised at myself!!

I think I have made a shift for myself 😄.

Thanks so much for this and your continued support to all of us during this challenging times.


Your book has brought such joy and inspiration to my life.

Deevya - South Africa

I would like to say thank you very much for all you have done for me. Words cannot really express how I feel very well, but I am so grateful. I cannot describe the experience I had with Anne. It is beyond what I can express.

I am ever so grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you




After reading Healing Negative Energies and practising the protection techniques as well as grounding myself regularly. I was able to overcome the panic attacks and haven’t had one since.

Aliah - London

Omg Anne your first webinar was amazing, I so loved it and I got so many answers and feel like I’m brimming with love and happiness and aliveness. My heart feels great. Cord cutting was amazing and I’m thrilled I get a copy of the whole event so I can listen to again and cut away cords to my hearts content! Thank you really looking forward to next one.

Jay - UK

Your book about opening your heart has made a few ripples in New Zealand as my daughter said today that it’s helped her get over a broken heart.

Sue - Surrey

You are such an Angel , bless you for all of this great love you are sending which I lovingly return to you and yours and all of humanity and animals living on our planet.

Emma - UK

You are the embodiment of total love and acceptance and you have helped me to shine in my own right. You are an inspiration and from my heart I thank you.

Sue - Devon, UK

This way I would like to thank you for changing my life. It has all started last year with your book ‘Healing Negative Energies’. I’m very glad it has been translated to the Slovak language and when I saw it in a book store I was guided to buy it. It was in a time when I was looking for help, because I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and I felt totally lost.

Now I know that finding your book wasn’t just an accident, it was a start of something great for me. After reading your book I subscribed to your page to get more information about your work. After that I have received a reply from your PA, Brenda, who was so kind to tell me about a lady, whose name was Leona Kling. She was doing similar activities in my country. I’m very glad that thanks to you I have met her. Since last year she has been my therapist, healer and a teacher. She helped me dealing with my past, with my anxieties and with becoming stronger. It’s been a long and demanding journey with many ups and downs, but it was definitely worth taking. Thanks to Leona I’m growing spiritually and personally as well.

I would also like to thank you for your distant healing sessions, which I am always taking part of, and it’s a wonderful experience every time. I can feel amazing energy and love.

Thank you for everything you are doing, dear Anne. You bring more love and light to all of us in this world.

Slavka - Norway

Thank you for all your help. I am struggling, but I listen to Anne’s recording everyday, So that it will sink into my heart and soul. Grief has no quick fix. Small steps, and one day at the time. Trusting that everything will be facilitated in it’s best way. Hoping that archangel Michael keeps me safe and give me strength and light to move on with my life and manage all the responsibility.

Anon - UK

Healing Negative Energies written by Anne Jones. Have you try and try with all your might to improve your life, but everything that you do failed. Even though you know you can do it! Or do you have a feeling, “something” doesn’t want you to succeed? Like “something” is watching you? “Guarding” you from your success? I have experienced this. In a modern world where we don’t believe in curses, hexes, black magic etc is a dangerous thing. I have used Anne’s “protection symbol” to protect against these negative forces (there are many ways to protect yourself in her simple book). Do you have any questions? Probably have a similar problem like mine that you need to addressed to Anne personally? You can certainly do that! There is still hope. You can read this book and of course, go to Anne’s website at annejones.org or contact Brenda at brenda@annejones.org.

There is still hope. Like Anne always say, curses, hexes and black magic are from hate, dark, low energies and to combat these is with none other than love and light! I know sounds simple! But I’m living proof that all of these can be healed. And another thing that Anne says, protect yourself at all times, day and night! It’s not too late! You can even have a private skype session with her for a certain amount of money. Interested? What are you waiting for??? I give this book FIVE STARS!!!! ♡♡♡♡ Thank you, Anne! Xxxxx


Thank you for your warm and wonderful healing session today!

Your positive and loving energy support had helped in my challenging times.

Thank you so much xxx


What an amazing and exquisite healing experience you’ve taken us on yesterday. I’ve learnt so much and felt so much better afterwards. It s just wonderful, such a deep inner feeling of peace. I couldn’t stop smiling when I felt all those various energies.

Thank you so much for sharing all that you know with us, with so much love and care.


The Retreat in the New Forest was so enlightening and a real life changer. The beauty of the retreat was having a few days to think about things that came up in the workshop in the day, ask questions and get answers. It’s given me the ability to release some things that have been affecting my health long term. The long term healing benefits have been amazing. The fantastic surroundings of the location made it very enjoyable, as well as meeting like minded people. Having time to chat to other’s on the retreat was also very helpful. The kindness and support I came across in both the people taking the retreat and from Anne and Brenda was really touching.Thanks so much.


Hi Anne,
Thanks so much for the webinar yesterday.

I feel like I had a major healing..I’d pulled my shoulder a while ago which was causing me pain, it feels much better today.

I had the experience of feeling all my cells sort of glow as you were doing the healing and releasing.(saw loads of things leave !!) I saw one of the on screen hearts ..the broken one I think ! 🙂 as bright green energy when I looked away from the screen.

massive thanks
have a lovely day
hugs xxx

Siobhan - UK