Time to Retreat

time-to-retreat3Last week I went to see the hotel that Brenda had found for this year’s retreat, Passford House, Sway, Hampshire. We decided to come closer to home and hold this year’s event where I live in the New Forest National Park. The hotel is gorgeous with lovely grounds and perfect for a retreat – it even has an indoor pool!

I thought it would be fun to set us off with a welcome supper at my house as I am about fifteen minutes from the hotel. We then have three full on days of deep reflection, healing sessions and relaxation. I have invited two of my friends along to offer another dimension to the evenings – Sashi gives face reading and numerology sessions and Heather gives aromatherapy massages.
A retreat is a great way to boost your spiritual development, clear unwanted issues and get a chance to reflect on your life away from the normal demands of your life. I personally find that I just don’t give myself space to be rather than do despite that being my new year resolution each January! So my own trips away out of my home zone are the times when most of my shifts occur.

This year I have the intention of taking us deeper into our cellular memory and giving a jolt to deep seated issues that have proved difficult to dislodge. So if you are keen to enjoy a mix of inner work and fun then I would love to see you at this years event.


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