Welcome to the Balancing Act of Daily Life

My husband Tony and I walk out in the New Forest countryside with our dogs, Supa and Harry every day we are are not travelling. These walks are an essential part of my balancing act. They give us the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings on our personal and working lives. We debate the issues of our lives, our fears, our problems, our dreams. We plan our diets (not enough) and our holidays (never enough!). We get healthy exercise from these walks and a chance to enjoy the scenery and feel the connection to nature. So they win win win in the balancing act.

On the last walk we had before we came away for a short New Year break we discussed our intentions for 2014. Although Tony had several issues he planned to address I will leave these in his private box but will share mine.

My New Year Resolutions

    • Keep it simple. This means I shall always look for the simplest solution to problems rather than the complex. I will focus on one thing at a time and avoid multi tasking. Giving clear time slots for all tasks and projects that fill my life whether home or work related and focusing on them exclusively in their time frame. Rather than pick up put down, a bit of this and a bit of that. In other words no more Mrs Butterfly!
    • Keep it stress free. I will allow enough time for each task and if necessary cut down my work load. Haha good idea – must remind myself of this one on a regular basis!
    • Keep it balanced. Make sure I have plenty of down time, relaxation, fun, massages, holidays etc. Have time for my mother, my family, Tony, friends, myself and work. By the nature of my work and the endless emails its easy for me to slip into the office or pick up the iPod at any time day or night so some discipline will be needed here.
    • Read the signs. When I fall out of balance or get stressed or over complicate things then my body speaks or even yells at me. This year I promise I will listen to the whispers! I will not need flu to get me onto the sofa for rest time.

Nothing moves, changes or happens without our will, our intention, so give yourself time to resolve your own solutions to the disharmony in your life. You are the only one who can make the change, see yourself more positively, tidy the clutter of home or mind, care for yourself etc So set your intentions right now!

Wishing you a positive, stress free, balanced and fulfilling 2014
Love and hugs
Anne xxxx

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