What can we do against the war of fear?

What-can-we-do-against-the-war-of-fear-300x186In the past week I, like most of us, have been focusing a lot on the dreadful attacks in Paris. I have been through a range of emotions – just as we do when we get personally attacked. I felt anger and I felt grief. I then saw hundreds of Facebook images overprinted with the Tricolour as a mark of empathy. My immediate reactions to those were a little negative I’m afraid as I searched for Nigerian flags, Russian flags and Lebanese flags – where is the empathy with nations a little less close, a little less in our sight? Then I calmed down and realised that any empathy, any sense of support from one nation to another in their time of grief is good. Like many others I have known of the dangers and the situation brewing in the Middle East and the cords that connect to young people in many of Europe’s large cities. However, I haven’t been spurred into a conscious effort to make a difference and make a change. Most of us will only react when we are personally affected – that’s normal but now most of us are personally affected as the terror marches into the cities close to us.

What can you do?

I truly believe that it’s counter productive and harmful to interfere in another person’s life. I teach the idea that we shouldn’t carry people, we should help them become more self-sufficient and self-responsible and that being a fixer doesn’t give power to other people and sets us up for rejection and disappointment. So I feel that the same ethos works with countries. We need to offer help and offer care when they need it and ask for it – not barge in uninvited. But having said that I think it’s really important that we show emotional support and give people a sense that they are not alone in their trouble.   Whenever I have faced a life crisis I can remember very clearly the kindness of strangers who have stepped forward to help. So any acknowledgement of support on social media or letters to people in the places such as Paris will be received with gratitude. I also think your thoughts of love and kindness directed at all those that have suffered will be far more effective than you think.

I also think we can help by sending light onto those that perpetrated and are planning to harm more people anywhere in the world. As I write this I see that there is an attack in Mali just now. On the basis that the light is stronger and a higher resonance of energy than darkness (the shadow) I feel it would be most helpful if we also sent light to the terrorists and their beliefs. It won’t make them stronger – in my experience love weakens negativity. Every young person involved with ISIS will be holding some scar or deep imprint that was a magnet to the negative thoughts and ideology of the leaders.

It’s also important to keep strong in your own mind and heart. Not to fall into the trap of blame – other than blaming the terrorist who are doing the terrible things to innocents, but not to start to blame the police, the security forces or the government. Blame is a negative energy and it will bring down your own personal energy vibration. Keep positive, do things for people with kindness, focus on gratitude and share your love with as many people as you can, especially those suffering in any way. Do nurturing things for yourself too.

Make a positive intention to be at peace and not fall into fear.

In our Spiritual Gathering in London last weekend we focused our love and sent distant healing to all those that were suffering and it felt good, really good and some of that great energy came back to us and lifted us all up too. So let’s all take time to do this and hold the intention that all our love will combine together and multiply in its intensity as we send our love around the world and visualise peace, acceptance and harmony coming to everyone and every nation. Let’s ripple out positive vibrations now. We are all energy and it’s the frequency of the energy that needs to change and we can help that change – we truly can.

Big hugs and love Anne xxxx

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