What Did You Say, Dear?

what-did-you-say-300x176Since I returned from my holiday to the Seychelles at the beginning of January I have been laid low with an ear infection which caused me to cancel my South African visit. As several of you have been asking, I decided to post this short update!

I saw the ENT consultant today.

The good news is that the infection has cleared now. But a hearing test showed that my hearing isn’t great.

My ears are affected by previous infections when I was young that have left my ear tubes scarred. They are also very narrow so any inflammation closes them.

I am suffering from two types of deafness. One is in the cochlea (the medical name is Presbycusis which is a progressive hearing impairment accompanying age, typically affecting sensitivity to higher frequencies – this is an age related condition and nothing can be done about it. The other is Otosclerosis which is a hardening of the stapes (or stirrup) in the middle ear and causes conductive hearing loss – this one could be fixed with an operation but they are not keen as there is a risk of dead ear! So the consultant wants me back in two months when we can see how it’s going. Only other option to the op are hearing aids or get everyone to shout at me!! Or better still I do all the talking – which sounds good to me.

After some deliberation I have decided to go for a third option: I will have a large and flamboyant ear trumpet!!!!!! I will match it to my hair ha ha or maybe go for gold and add some bling.

So there we have it – I thought I was 40 but the truth of the matter is I am 50 – which is a shocker.

“What did you say dear?” “Half past four.” “Oh, alright then I’ll have whiskey thank you.”

Love Anne xxxxxx

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