You have chosen to surrender to give up the fight to control your life, to go with the flow and let the present and future unfold in its best and most supportive way. What you resist will fight back. If you control and force your way to your goals, so they become elusive. So, forget the clock and the schedules of your busy life, let go your anxieties and pressures and surrender to the timing and flow of the universe.

Imagine you are floating in a pool in a serene and tranquil garden. You are surrounded by rose petals and supported by the water that gently moves beneath you, relaxing and soothing you as you let go and surrender to its movement. You see a bird flying overhead seeking the thermals that allow it to soar effortlessly through the blue sky. Be like the bird and hold the intention to flow with life. Enjoy the freedom of surrender.

Now is the time to let go your need to control, for now you can go with the flow - enjoy it.