You have chosen to bring more relaxation into your life. Now you can take time out for yourself to give yourself a break from your normal routine, to slow down a little and smell the roses, to give your body, mind and emotions a chance to unwind. Life can propel us forward at such a speed, we often don't take enough time for ourselves - so take this opportunity now.

Take three deep breaths, deep into the bottom of your lungs. Drop your shoulders, release the tension. Let your arms and legs go soft. Imagine you are a great tree with your roots growing deep into the earth beneath you. Make a strong connection to the natural energies of the Earth. See and know that soothing energies are moving up through your roots into your body. As the energy moves through you it releases the tension in every muscle, just allow your body to respond and let go.

Give up the stresses of your life and receive the gift of relaxation to soothe and calm your body and mind.