You have chosen to work with the energies of creativity. Now is the time to allow your creativity to flow. Maybe you feel the need to express your feminine side, to use your creativity that may never have been allowed to flow before. Maybe you are are planning to paint or write, plant out a garden or develop a new project. The time is now perfect to start. Your imagination can flourish and your creative energies can flow to their greatest potential.

Close your eyes and visualise yourself sitting on the side of a mountain on a warm and sunny day. You can see for miles and miles - rolling green and beautiful countryside for as far as the eye can see. An eagle soars overhead skimming on the air currents, free and unfettered. Connect with the expansiveness of the landscap. Connect with the freedom of the eagle and let the energies of creation flow through you, empowering and awakening your talents and skills, conscious and subconscious.

Know that you can do whatever you wish - you have the power of creation within you.