You have chosen to bring joy into your life. Joy is the soaring of spirit and emotion that lifts you above your daily challenges. Joy comes from nature, your loved ones, from kindness of human spirit, from spiritual realisation, from the release of anxiety, from the expansion of the heart. With joy comes a soaring of the spirit.

Close your eyes and see a beautiful white bird land beside you. He invites you to climb onto his back and take a journey with him. He flies off now with you on his back, flying high over mountains and valleys, rising to great heights. Feel your spirits soar as you fly. He circles and catches a thermal and you spiral in the warm air, high above the landscape beneath you. Feel the freedom and elation from this freedom of spirit. Feel the joy of surrendering to the air currents that gently circle you higher and higher. Let your spirits soar with joy.

Make being joyful the inention of your day.