You are calling love into your life. You need more of the nurturing and comfort of the greatest of all gifts - the love of one human to another. Your heart is calling for a greater understanding and empathy, asking you to share more of life's challenges and joys with another.

Focus on your heart centre, in the middle of your chest - the source of the love you create and offer to those close to you. See this love flowing from you like a fountain of pink mist and see it surrounding and enveloping all those that are dear to you. Now, see this mist flowing around you like a comforting blanket of softness, nurturing, caring and empathising. You are now accepting love; you can now receive love.

Accept yourself for what you are, for you are what you need to be. As your heart opens to yourself, so love will flow naturally and easily towards you, bringing closer to you the loving people you need to share your life.