Will Power

You have chosen to enhance your will power. Maybe you are about to embark on a new dietary routine, or give up smoking, or make a new resolution, or start a new project that needs determination and will power to see it through to completion. Your will is a powerful force that can be inhibited by your own and other people's limitations and by underlying fears that sabotage your chances of success.

Focus on your solar plexus and see a small circle of yellow light there. As you hold the intention of expanding your energies of will and determination, so you will see this circle growing larger and larger. The colour of yellow becomes stronger and stronger and takes on the form of a bright and glowing sun. Feel these powerful energies of will move through your entire body infusing you with energy and the strength to reach your goals and enforce your aspirations.

Connect to your will power to give you the strength to overcome all doubts and inner fears.