You have chosen to transform your life. Now is the time to make changes, not because you are wrong or bad in any way but because it is your choice to improve some aspect of your life. A time for a new lifestyle, a time to let go of past patterns that have caused you upset and disharmony, a time to take a new perspective on life, a time for self-healing.

See yourself sitting in a field on a sunny day. The air is filled with butterflies that land on the grass and wild flowers that surround you. By your hand is a chrysalis and as you watch it breaks open and a new and beautiful butterfly flies out and lands on your hand. Feel the energies of transformation and sense yourself as a butterfly breaking out of your old mould and taking on a new aspect and form. Allow yourself to change and let go of thinking and attitudes that hold you in the old way.

Now is the time to transform. Let go of old patterns, old attitudes, move forward and get the best of yourself and your life.