You have chosen the refreshing and nurturing energies of nature to come into your life. Now you can take time to focus on the healing and empowering energies of the sun, sea, forests, parklands, lakes and rivers. Allow yourself to be uplifted and cleansed by walks in the countryside, invigorated by mountain air, charmed and relaxed by beautiful gardens, purified by sea breezes and sandy beaches.

Connect to the powerful and healing energies of Mother Nature through visualisation. See yourself walking through a forest of pine trees, feel the refreshing and cleansing energies that surround you. The path leads you out of the trees to a mountainside where you stop to refresh yourself in a cooling stream that flows from the snow-caps. You climb down the mountain and the path takes you through fields of yellow buttercups. Take off your shoes and walk on the cool grass. Enjoy and allow nature to be your healer and re-energiser.

Make a plan for a trip into nature and bring some flowers into your home and workplace.