About Anne

Anne Jones was born in Newbury, but spent most of her early life living in South London. She started her working life in a bank where she was introduced to computers that were then beginning to impact business. She then moved to a computer company working in customer training and support. She went on to travel through India and Africa as a sales woman, unheard of work for a woman in the 70’s, especially in the countries that Anne was visiting.

She lived and worked in the computer business in South Africa in the 80’s for four years, returning to marry her husband Tony and set up home for him and his two teenagers, probably more of a challenge than anything she had taken on before! In 1991 they moved to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia with Tony’s job where they spent five very happy years before moving on to Hong Kong.

In 1992 Anne suddenly and unexpectedly was guided by a ‘voice’ to go out and heal. Rising to the challenge, she began treating friends and family; from there she expanded to giving workshops and retreats.

Anne now lives in Hampshire and spends her time giving workshops/retreats, guest appearances on TV and radio, touring the world with her work and helping many people understand themselves, heal scars of trauma, reclaim their confidence, self-esteem and love.

Anne has now written many books to assist with healing as well as recorded mediation and healing CDs, created a range of healing symbol jewellery and oracle cards. All of these are available in her shop. Anne has also embarked on blogging covering spiritual questions and answers and guidance on healing yourself.

Anne has used the profits from her work for the charity, Hearts and Hands to set up a children’s centre and orphanage in South Africa. Also, with Dr. Cary Rasof she has helped many children and their carers in Zambia.