We have an organisation called Hearts and Hands which has a register of healers from around the world who will send distant healing for you, your friends & family.

Submit a short description of the person who needs the healing, where they live and their name and describe their problem in a few words.
Your request will be passed on to our worldwide register of healers.

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If you wish to help others with this service by sending love and healing you can be added to our Healers Register please send us your name and email address.

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To learn how to send distant healing

Your thoughts are energy

Every one of us is created of energy, we are constructed of a large number of molecules and atoms all of which have an energy field and the accumulation of these creates an energy field around our body, which is called the aura.

As we are made of energy so each of our thoughts is a stream of energy. These streams of energy are affected by the emotion attached to the thought. For example if we are irritated by someone so our thoughts of them will be affected by this irritation and when we think of them we will be sending a low vibration stream of energy to the aura of that person. This will affect them and they will feel pulled down in some way – they may have a sinking feeling in their stomach or feel a little unhappy or depressed without knowing the reason.

On the other hand if you send thoughts of love and tenderness to someone they will be uplifted and feel happy and their aura will become lighter and brighter.

How to do distance healing
You can use the power of your thoughts with the intention of helping situations and people. You can deliberately visualise and imagine a person well and happy and affect them by the energy of our thoughts. We can use this form of healing – commonly called distance healing – to help people who are in grief, who are sick, depressed, traumatised, facing danger or just in need of love.

Find a quiet place, turn off the phones and shut the door.

  • Relax your body by breathing deeply 4 times, drop your shoulders and let your body go soft.
  • See yourself surrounded by light.
  • Without judgement focus on the person or situation you wish to help
  • You can use one of these ways to send your love:
    • Hold a photograph in your hands
    • Send them smiley faces to cheer them up
    • Visualise them well and happy
    • See them standing on a stage under a spotlight
  • The more people who do this together – the greater the effect