Healing Negative Energies

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Ever since I was a small girl living in a house that was most definitely haunted by at least one restless spirit I have been sensitive to spirit energies. Twenty years ago I was “woken up” by the etheric voice of my long passed grandmother urging me to start healing and since then I have been able to invoke universal energy streams to help transform negative energies in people and places. Healing and channelling requires me to open up and be receptive to the energies of the people I am helping so I have found out for myself – often the hard way – that it’s imperative to take good care of my energy and to ensure that I keep my aura sealed and protected.

In these days of mass communication, economic challenges, insecurity around the workplace and relationships that come and go we are challenged daily by our own emotions and very often fear. So many of us are trying to juggle and balance our lives with demands on our time and attention as we work, raise children, care for our elderly relatives and try to keep ourselves healthy at the same time. When we fall out of balance we are burdened by guilt that we have failed in one or more of our responsibilities. So we have our own fears and guilt to manage and on top of this we have to cope with the tremendous force of other people’s fears and guilt too. I say tremendous force because you do not only have to deal with the emotions of those close to you – and this can be challenging enough – but you also have mass consciousness to cope with too. Mass consciousness is the combined emotions of every living person. Every negative thought, feeling and attitude is energy that accumulates and hangs around us. Many of us are quite sensitive because of the work we do or the role we play and consequently we are affected by this mass of energy that can be like a heavy cloud and the more despondent, depressed, unhappy you become the more you attract this energy towards you.

So you need to manage the atmosphere of her home and workplace, protect yourself from the energies of those that share your life and positively work to uplift your own energy and spirits. I have put this workshop together to share some of the techniques and understanding that I have gained through my travels and my work. I hope you find it helps you to become more balanced, more energised and less affected by the negativity of others. Once you gain equilibrium and find a happier state then you will find that this affects those around you so you are stepping into a win win situation.

Good luck and enjoy.

This workshop comprises of eight sessions. Each session contains comprehensive lessons in video, audio and written forms to guide you step by step through all you need to keep your energy and the energies of your loved ones clear and protected.