• Healing and Managing Relationships

    17th October 10am – 12pm 2021

    Do you have difficulties, misunderstandings or imbalance with any of your relationships?
    In this workshop we will find ways to cope with the most difficult relationships and heal where healing is possible!

  • Silver Ray Retreat 2021

    Sunday 21st March 2021 – Welcome
    Monday 22th, Tuesday 23th 9.30am – 5pm, Wednesday 24th 9.00 – 4pm

    Together we will seek to understand what prevents your inner peace, heal your disharmony and release your fears.

    We will be honouring both the sacred Feminine and Masculine aspects that serve you and bringing them into perfect harmony for inner peace. The Feminine brings love and compassion and the Masculine brings Strength – we will share ways to clear your fears and creating a wonderful blending of your Heart (Love & Passion) and your Solar Plexus (Will).

    Please contact Brenda:
    E: brenda@annejones.org
    M: 07710 753498