Hearts and Hands for Africa

Hearts & Hands vision is to empower and aid those who have lost the ability to make choices about their wellbeing and how they feel – those whose only choice is to face the challenge of surviving.

My philosophy has always been to help people change the way they feel and my healing, teaching and products are all tools to this end. However, several experiences in my travels have shown me that not everyone can become empowered by love and healing alone. To help those that have such minimal resources that they can barely physically survive I started my own charity. In its early years I was helped by my good friend Dr Cary Rosof who has spent his life working with those who struggle to support themselves particularly in Africa. Our work is focused on helping them to help themselves. Not to give them the fish; not to give them the fishing rod but to give them the materials and the know-how to make their own fishing rod.

We are currently working with Rick Mills who visits regularly a village in Uganda to instal solar lighting. This enables students to study and the village is now kerosene-free! We help the orphanage and the school and buy prophesies and wheelchairs for the village disabled.

UK Registered charity number: 1122515

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Pictures of Stella in the wheel chair due to her disability,together with her family are really greatful for your continued support as her way of living has improved compared to when she never had the wheel chair.
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Orphanage & Village Community

Through a family friend, Rick Mills, this year we have contributed to Mpora Family Program in village called Kicwamba near the Kihondo Trading Centre (very basic shops) west of Fort Portal, in Uganda. www.gandahomestay.com We bought a number of solar panels, chargers and D-lights (solar lights) and mattresses and furniture for the village community and…
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Natal Farm & Garden Project

We have contributed to a farm and garden project to give farm utensils and tools to village farmers and to teach sustainable farming methods in villages in Natal. I am going to visit this project in February and after this I will take pictures and give you feedback.   Please make a donation to our…
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Runyararo Children’s Project

Hearts and Hands for Africa’s latest contribution and sponsorship is for the Runyararo Children’s Project in Zimbabwe. Our donations will help with the work of the project: Giving parenting and support to orphan children with life skills that include a variety of projects such as growing vegetables, farming and rearing chickens Funding education for Children…
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