Adventures on the Journey

cobraI absolutely love Christmas! I get excited about it at least four weeks before it arrives – which is about now. I love the preparation as much as the event, which is just as well as I do go a little overboard! I love everything from the choosing the table décor for parties beforehand to the charades on Christmas day. I just love organising parties when old friends and family get together and share our latest news and laugh at jokes, past memories and ourselves. So like our journey it’s definitely as much about the journey as the end result.

Talking of which, I had a powerful vision/meditation the other day. I had been feeling rough with an eye infection and lay on my bed exhausted not planning to meditate or even think of anything at all. But I was presented with a spontaneous vision of myself on a mountain. The top was shining with the brightest light and it was obviously my destination. However, at my feet lay a deep chasm, a pit. To get to the top of the mountain I had to go down and across this dark space. I looked down and saw that it was filled with writhing snakes, not the grass snake friendly kind but the venomous cobra type! Yuk. I looked around for something to protect me and picked up a bottle of anti-snake serum (strange how in dreamlike states everything is to hand!) But I was stopped by a voice in my right ear – it was Archangel Raphael – saying “You don’t have to do this alone. Go down and find your voice.” I sensed four archangels around me, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel. I felt completely at ease, all my fears dissipated and I climbed down the ladder that led down to the pit.

At the bottom a huge cobra faced me with its hood out, tongue spitting, staring straight into my eyes. I looked back holding its gaze and sent love to it. After a moment or two of stand-off it slithered away. Then I looked ahead and the snakes had lined up on either side of a clear pathway, creating a sort of guard of honour as they stood facing in with their hoods in a perfect line. I walked to the end of the pit but there my way to the ladder was blocked by a huge black demon with bright shining red eyes, an old adversary of mine! Double Yuk!

I tried sending love but it didn’t budge. I started to feel sympathetic – who would want to be this being, feared so much. This didn’t do anything for me or it, so I looked at it again and I felt a different emotion. I said “I respect the role you play but I don’t need you anymore, thank you.” At this it dissolved and my way was clear. I climbed out of the pit and to the top of the mountain without any further interference. As I reached the top I stepped into an amazing energy and space. Soft clouds, beautiful colours and a wonderful feeling that I can only describe as exaltation. A voice came through “Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven!” A real OMG moment!

I am still getting all the insights and messages from this experience and am allowing them to slip into my thoughts as and when they are ready. One thing I have learnt is that when we are in a process of a shift (and I have been for the entire week of my sickness) it’s not a good idea to try and work out what is going on. This can come later and the lessons will come clear. In the meantime I have got my mojo back, am off for a week’s work in Oslo, really looking forward to Christmas and keeping a wary eye open for any stray cobras that may have escaped!

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