Managing Life Changing Events & Long Term Illness

I am 55 and suffer from MS. Are there any life changes for me that can make my life easier? There has been hardship with relationships and I have lost several friends the last year. I feel I am not understood and therefore I need to create a new platform. What to do with my life, I feel blocked. I have to sell my flat and start settling down in another city. Thank you.… Read More

Going with the flow in India

I’ve just returned from a fabulous and fun trip to India with my friend Harjeet. My original plan was to go and set the scene for my second novel in which I had planned to cover some of my own past experiences in Tibet, Nepal and India.… Read More

A Question About Healing

I am a healer. Not by choice but by design.
Sometimes I get this consiousness that ‘everyone is doing fine/well-but at my expense’ Like I am getting really sick, while others lives around me improve, I FEEL, due to my efforts. Where they do not make an effort on their part. Is this because of the people I choose to ineract with?, or because of my healing nature?… Read More

Healing for being Unlucky or Cursed

I need to know why i am always unlucky? why the man i loved for seven years was not loyal to me? I am from a poor family, i need a large amount of money for my mother’s kidney operation and I am unemployed. every time i try to make something good happen in my life or for my family I always fail. why there is no happiness for me and my family? sometimes I feel like we are living with a curse. please help me.
I hope to be in touch with you soon.… Read More

Little Brown Dog Update

We arrived back in Cyprus last week for a few days to relax, write and paint in our new villa here. First on our to-do list was to visit Olivia, the little brown dog we found shivering and starving in a car park on our last day here in October. Since our visit she had been fed by Mary at the estate agency near the car park and then when they had room the local animal rescue Center took her in. I then set in motion proceedings to get her brought to UK to find a loving home.… Read More

I am Wings of Freedom

I have mentioned before the great work of Debbie Rye who clears land, houses and spiritual interference. Janet Thompson has written a review of Debbie’s new book which is a great and inspiring read.… Read More

Coping with the challenges of conflict

It’s impossible to avoid the dark and grim events that are playing out in our world at the moment. Apart from the devastation and murder of thousands ISIS in Syria and Iraq the extremist group Boko Haram have killed over 2000 and displace 1.5 million people in North West Nigeria. And now the threat and dark force of the terrorists have targeted French journalists. … Read More

Stress, Bah humbug and being care free

I have just recorded a meditation to release stress and realised that I needed it for myself too! As it took an hour of very precious pre-Christmas time to get the charger on my ipad to work and only after three false starts did it start to work. When you are faced with any obstacles you can be sure that they reflect some inner resistance of your own.… Read More

The Challenge of Staying Upbeat and Positive

I feel a blockage in me that I should fix up but do not know how, what techniques to use. I’m blocked. It feels like walking in fog and not finding some way or direction forward for me in life. I’m sensitive, that is, I can sense those who have passed over. What should I do?… Read More

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