Healing for strength, love, peace and illness

Healing streaming for strength, love and peace to manage the negative energies caused by the virus and being isolated from our loved one. Healing for all those sick and struggling with all illness. Healing Services Healing with Anne Hearts and … Read More

Is Something Taking My Happiness?

Since I was a girl I have been experiencing weird things. But the most important aspect is that when I am happy it feels like the evil absorbs my happiness. I used to see entities now I don’t but it’s like something is next to me all the time chasing my happiness.… Read More

I gave away my Protection Pendant

Recently, i went to Italy and was in this leather shop to shop for a jacket. The owner is a man in his late 40s and was very interested in the protection pendant with the horus eye that I was wearing. He knew it was a symbol or protection and was so keen and asked me how i got it. … Read More

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