Conscious Café with Sashi Radley

Sashi Radley will be our Conscious Café guest in April. She will be talking with us on the subject of the therapeutic benefits of channelling `Spiritual` knowledge through writing. Regardless of whether you write for escapism, fun or profit, Sashi believes there are healing benefits from the process. In the quietness of Lockdown we have the perfect opportunity to tap into the pool of our unique soul wisdom. Is it possible that you have a deep understanding of the art of the Shapeshifter, Shaman, Soothsayer, Alchemist or High Priest/ess waiting to be awoken?

She will share how she channelled her lifelong awareness of other dimensions into her writing. Sashi is a Face and Soul reader, Past Life Regression therapist, and Soul Numerologist. Her road to becoming an author was triggered when she moved to rural Dorset. Here, she experienced many déjà vu moments as she visited local sacred sites and felt a strong memory of another life-time way back thousands of years before. This inspired her to write her debut novel, SECRET & RITUAL Book One of the Ancient Power Series, which reached #3 In Amazon`s, Hot New Releases, Metaphysical Fiction within a few days of release in Nov 2020.

Sashi is also the author of UNLEASH YOUR INNER PSYCHIC – How to reboot your natural super-skills.

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