Welcome to my Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul workshop. In this series of lessons, I am sharing the symbols and techniques I have been using for the last 20 years in my individual and group healing sessions. Enjoy using them to lift, heal and improve the well being of yourself and other people in your life.

What you will need for this workshop

  • Rock or sea salt and a small bowl of tap water – this is needed to collect any energies you release in the healing practice. Salt absorbs negative energies.
  • A pendulum – this can be a purpose created pendulum of crystal or a weighted object on string, thread or chain.
  • A journal – keep a note of any feelings, experiences or messages you get from your meditations or healing practice sessions.
  • Any volunteers to join you for your practice healing sessions!

Good luck and enjoy – I am creating a blog to go with this course so that you have a forum to ask any question that may arise and where I can add further thoughts and insights that may help you.