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energy-hooks-300x300Dear Anne,

I am 53 years old. I connected to a man on the internet who seemed to be everything I wanted – loving and kind and thoughtful. However, after time I felt myself losing energy. Negative things started to happen to me. I have been told he is an energy vampire by a local healer. I have done all the exercises in your book Healing Negative Energies but although they work the problem returns. Please can you help me to get rid of the thoughts of this man and his influence over me.


Dear Alicia,

The very best thing would be a healing where I clear away the effects of this man. However, things happen to teach us a lesson. You have to see what this lesson is. It could be about the way you see yourself. Do you value yourself? Do you think you deserve love? Etc. It would seem you gave your power away to this man. We have to reclaim this for you. You can start by protecting your energy every day. I suggest you do the Morning Ritual on my youtube channel.



By opening your heart, protecting yourself and re-aligning your spiritual energy you will get stronger day by day. Also you need to cut the cords to this man. There is a YouTube about this called Cutting Cords. Maybe you get someone to translate this for you. You cut the cords from your heart to him and also you write down all your upset and anger about this situation. Write it down then burn the paper. This will help to change the energies too.

Remember one thing Alicia, your soul and your power is yours and you can reclaim this energy. Write down your intention to do this and when we have the healing I will bring in the extra energy and strength you need to reclaim everything that you have lost. We will also work to clear your mind of him.

Bless you sweetheart, don’t give up hope. Ask Debbie about the healing. You don’t need to send any further details – these are enough for me to work on.

Big hugs and lots of love to you

Anne xxx


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