Good relationships

Dear Anne,

I need your advice. I find it difficult to build good relationships with other people of late. I feel like I am boxed in and blocked in many strange ways. I did not have
this problem when I was younger. I tried to console myself that maybe I lack the people skills but lately I feel there may be more to my problem than people skills. Could there be any blockage from the psychic sense? If so, how do I clear this blockage? I lived in Indonesia before and am living in Malaysia. (These two places are known for their black magic.)

This is affecting me.
Please advise.

good-relationships-300x240Life can be tough when we don’t have friends or find ourselves at odds with the people around us. So I feel for you.

The boxing in and blocking you are experiencing sounds very much to me that for some reason your heart may have closed. This may have occurred because you have been let down by someone or if you are losing faith with life to bring you what you need – and we all need love. We all need to be wanted, respected and cherished by someone. Once your heart closes you disconnect from two important things. One is your connection to other people that are on the same frequency as you are. This means that you will find fault with people, you will feel threatened by them, you will feel that they don’t believe or think like you. It also means you will be attracting people who are unlike you and therefore difficult to get along with.

Your True Self
The other thing that you may disconnect to is your own true self – the self that is in your heart, where the light that is you pulses. What causes these disconnections? The answer is the barriers that you put around your heart to stop yourself from being hurt or rejected by other people. With these in place it is hard for you to be in touch with your true self and for that energy and light to shine out and be the magnet that it wants to be to draw in to you the people that will speak and act and think like you; people that it will be easy for you to have loving, mutually supportive relationships with.

o my first suggestion is that your make it your intention to focus on opening and healing your heart. I have put out a number of healing sessions for this purpose, this is the page on my website that will link to ways to help – Lack-of-love.

Black Magic
My second suggestion is to ensure that you are not in fact suffering from any black magic or spell put on you. You are quite correct, there is a lot of black magic practised in both Indonesia and Malaysia – I think probably more than in Africa.

So with the combined processes of clearing any effects from outside and by working on your own inner barriers and opening your heart I am sure that you will attract the right people into your life. Remember that friendships do need working on and that people often have differing expectations than we do so be tolerant and understanding but don’t be a door mat to anyone!

Sending you love and big hugs
Anne xxx


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