mantra-circleI subscribed to your online workshops about two weeks, the healing workshops I totally love, and all the information you give there, as well as the examples, are very very helpful.
Yesterday I had my firsts healing sessions, distant ones.
There was this Indian guy popping up on facebook, texting me and I wanted to see how it will be performing healing on a complete stranger. He sent me a picture, I followed the protection steps and everything, and after I finished the session, I had this nausea feeling in the stomach, also a great weakness on my knees. It took me the entire day to recover, I also went by the beach, buried myself in the sand to let everything flow out of me. While I was proceeding with the healing, the energy was very intense in his legs, although he said he had no problems in the area, but as he was in financial difficulty, I think this could be the explanation, the lack of security he is feeling. I was content with the result, as the man said he felt calm and sleepy after I finished the session.
I also worked on a friend of mine, healing her broken heart, and she freaked out a bit, because she said she felt a warm feeling flowing in her chest area. This amused me, because she was very sceptical when I told her I needed volunteers to see if this works. With my friend, and afterwards with my mother, I didn’t feel weakened.
Today, I made healing on my sister, live, as she got some heavy energy when she went out. I also started feeling like absorbing too much, she had a very heavy thing around her head area, but I made some visualization and Setrap’s mantra, and now I feel ok.
My question is if this is a matter of me, my body to get used to all this feeling, the healing practice, or do I need to know or to do something else? I am also a smoker, and maybe this might be my vulnerability, but I would like to know you input.

Kind regards and blessing,

Dear Anon
Well done! I am thrilled that you have had such success with your healing – fantastic.
You are picking up on other people’s energy and this is what you need to do when healing but you don’t want to carry it with you and you don’t want to be affected by it. So after you have completed the session cut the cords – now you can do this by using a chopping motion on your hands to symbolise the cut but also once you have gone past your experimental stage I suggest you don’t get back to the people you heal as this reconnects you and the energies. If they contact you that’s fine and perfect. Generally I wait for people to ask for healing and once you get further down the line you can do this too. You can make it clear that you are available of course but wait for them to come to you. I find this helps me have a clearer way in – as their hearts and minds are open to it and it also seems to make it easier to release my connection afterwards. Of course remember to protect yourself before each session.
As for smoking I don’t think that should affect you other than the guilt that society is putting onto you! The Native Americans and the shamans all around the world use smoking as an aid to open themselves to the nature spirits they use for the healing power! However, I would just clear your own energy before you start and say “I am clear of all negative and toxic energies” three times before each session starts.
I think you very wise doing distant healing as this prevents you getting too caught up in the oter person’s emotions.
Keep up the great work and get in touch if you have any other questions, bless you.

Anne xxxx

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