healing symbol oracle card

Symbol Meaning: Something in your life needs healing

Your own emotional pain, an unhappy situation or someone close who is suffering needs the healing energies of love. When you give love you open the door for transformation, reconciliation and harmony. Your love can make a difference and with power of universal love anything is possible.

Symbol Power: Be a channel for love

Draw the symbol three times to unlock your personal power to heal yourself and others by connecting to the universal energies of unconditional love. User your hands to direct the energies to any living being or situation and they will raise the vibration of the recipient and transform negativity. Use for emotional, mental and physical problems. The energies of love are an antidote to worry, anxious thoughts and negative energies.

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Over time my spirit guides have given me a number of symbols that invoke universal energies of light and also activate our own personal powers that are often lying dormant within us. The energies these symbols bring are the frequency of unconditional love and they have a beautiful resonance.

They only work with good intentions and they are especially effective when your own love and compassion is present. I hand painted each of the symbols, I know you will enjoy working with them as I do.

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