You have chosen to bring balance into your life. Maybe you are working too hard without sufficient time for play. Maybe you are not allowing enough time for what makes your heart sing for the joys of life. Are you giving endlessly to others and not allowing enough time for yourself? Are there imbalances showing in your life through fatigue, emotional exhaustion, or lack of laughter? Disharmonies – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical are caused by a lack of balance. Give yourself the space to come back into harmony.


Sit quietly and hold out your hands. The left hand is receiving and the right hand is giving. See coming into your left hand now all the things that are lacking in your life; visualised all the things that you would like to do if you were to allow yourself time: pampering, holidays, walks in the country, more time with family, your favourite music and so on. Hold the intention of coming into total balance now.


Every day take time out for yourself – a quiet moment to bring yourself back into balance; a moment for you. Make sure that you are receiving as well as giving.

InnerSight Cards

Inspirational Cards for Guidance and Self Healing.

A set of 32 inspirations and insights.

They can be used for personal guidance and self-healing or shared in a group as a focus for meditation.

This pack is designed for personal use but also makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists in their consultations.

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