You have chosen the energies of self-projection. Now is the time to tell the world of your ideas, to share your inspiration. You can create ripples that will help so many by sharing your experiences. This is the time to write a book, create a workshop, send out a helpful email, to tell a friend what you think will help them in their need, to pass on your personal wisdom and ideas.


Visualise yourself beside a peaceful, calm lake. Take a stone and hold it in your hand. Visualise all the experiences of your life – some difficult and traumatic,
some inspiring and joyful. Place all you have learnt from these experiences into the stone. Now throw the stone into the lake and see the ripples that it forms. See the ripples spreading over the entire lake surface. Know that your personal wisdom can help many. Speak out and offer it in whichever form seems right for you.


Value and share what you have learnt from your life’s experiences for you can affect and help many people with your wisdom, insights and knowledge.

InnerSight Cards

Inspirational Cards for Guidance and Self Healing.

A set of 32 inspirations and insights.

They can be used for personal guidance and self-healing or shared in a group as a focus for meditation.

This pack is designed for personal use but also makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists in their consultations.

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