You have chosen to enhance your feelings of self-respect. This is the time to let go of all doubts about your abilities, to forgive yourself for any past hurts you may feel you have caused, to let go any inner feelings of inadequacy and to release anxieties about yourself.


Close your eyes and see yourself in a beautiful and colourful garden. Walk through this peaceful and serene landscape and feel the calming energies of love and healing coming into you now. Sit on a bench in this garden and focus on your heart centre. Allow yourself to grow very small and see yourself standing before a door. Push the door open and enter a wonderful chamber filled with pink light. This is the chamber of your heart and the light comes from the love you give to others. Let this love light now fill you. Surrender to it and let it clear away all your doubts; let the love release all regrets. See the light getting strong and brighter as you receive and accept your own love.


Now is the time to take the energies of love you give to others and use them to heal yourself.

InnerSight Cards

Inspirational Cards for Guidance and Self Healing.

A set of 32 inspirations and insights.

They can be used for personal guidance and self-healing or shared in a group as a focus for meditation.

This pack is designed for personal use but also makes an excellent tool for healers and therapists in their consultations.

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