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  • Healing and Managing Relationships

    17th October 10am – 12pm

    Do you have difficulties, misunderstandings or imbalance with any of your relationships?
    In this workshop we will find ways to cope with the most difficult relationships and heal where healing is possible!

  • Are You Being Disempowered?

    Monday October 19th | 7pm UK Time | Online via Zoom

    Are we being manipulated and disempowered?
    If so, what can you do to stay strong, fearless and empowered?

    Anne will share ways that we can reclaim our power, hold strong and keep ourselves from fear.
    She will lead a healing meditation to help release the negativity you may be experiencing caused by Covid and the way our world is dealing with it. We will also send out a combined energy blast of light to clear the virus from the World!