What happens when we die?

I recently received a letter asking me to confirm what happens when we die? which is a question that is as old and probably asked as often as the one “Why are we here?” Of course, I cannot give you an absolute answer to this but I can give you my views, observations, insights etc. that have come from my own inner and higher guidance and that of those I trust.

One of the spiritual truths that seems quite hard for us to embrace but that I know is true is that WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. It’s very hard to take this on board because it means we have to take full responsibility for everything that happens to us. It feels very hard at times to say this and I most certainly would not go up to someone suffering a terminal illness and say “you brought this onto yourself!” Because we are all connected we are often affected by the energies of those around us; our families, communities, nations and in fact the consciousness and thoughts of the entire human race. There are both good and bad experiences that come from this connection. We can be uplifted by a happy crowd or we can be brought down by negative attitudes from the media and from conflict. However, we do have a measure of control over what actually occurs for us. We have the ability to attract what we need as our energy field is a magnet that holds negative or positive vibrations and depending on the strength of the vibration will attract either negative or positive people or situations. We also have the ability to create what we want by our intention which is our gift of free will and the ability to choose. So when we use the power of positive thoughts; an open heart, a loving attitude and a strong and emphatic fearless intention we can create a happy life.

Similarly, when we die we will step into the life/state/experience that we expect and that we have intended. Religions tend to map out and describe the options that you have – whether you are sent to heaven or hell. In my experience this is more about a manifestation of your fears, your faith, your own sense of expectation rather than the judgement of an overlord who forces you into a burning chasm or a place full of light and angels. I also think that, as on earth, we are guided and helped with our journey into Spirit. Through my work with soul retrieval and rescue, helping souls that have become attached to their earthly life and possessions, I have seen the light that angels shine to guide a spirit up and away from the earth plane into a place of love and kindness. They will guide us to a place where we can visualise the beauty and peace that our heart and soul craves – and that craving is a constant whether we are here in the dense earth reality or in spirit.

Where will you go?
So where will you go? Will it be Heaven – a place of light and angels or hell- a place of demons and torment or limbo – an in-between place of floating spirits and uncertainty? Guilt, anger and fear are the main emotions and feelings that dictate the state of inner happiness – which is true here as well as in the higher realms of existence. I believe your consciousness goes with you and stays with your soul on all your journeys, on all your trips to and from earth and anywhere else you choose to go. Your consciousness will be affected by your experiences. At what level or state your consciousness has reached is often described as your evolution – your understanding and acquisition of wisdom or getting to the truth about life. So, if you are a caring person who has learnt to be self-responsible, who understands that what you give out will come back to you (karma), that you need to let go of the past and not hold onto grudges; to release your emotions without hurting others; to treat your body with respect etc. etc. then you will move seamlessly from this earthly existence to the heavenly realms where you can evaluate what you have learnt and achieved in this lifetime and plan for the next one.

Howard Storm, a man who, by his own admission, lived a selfish and thoughtless life, had a very scary death experience and when his body failed he experienced a place filled with tormented and lost spirits. He saw them as ghoulish and frightening and they clawed at him and generally frightened him witless! Howard had been full of doubt and cynical about God, about Spirit, about life after death. His consciousness created the reality of his fears and beliefs which is why he went into “hell”. However, he had actually evolved beyond being someone who had no compassion and was totally egocentric and therefore he didn’t stay in that place for long. His body had not entirely died so he had “a near death experience” and after he was shown what doubt, guilt, selfishness etc. will create he was shown the light side of the higher realms and then his soul came back into his body. From this experience he became a reformed character and is now a reverend!

What will it be like there?
This will depend on how you see and perceive things. You will be surrounded by light and helpful beings in a spirit state. Angels are waiting to welcome you with the spirits of your relatives and loved ones who will show themselves to you as you would expect to see them. From what I can see there are also many advanced and evolved beings (spiritual masters) who can assist you to see what you could have done better and what you can take on as challenges and experiences in the next life.

Your spiritual energy does not have to be in only one place and therefore you can move onto a new life on Earth but leave some of yourself behind in the higher realms so that when loved ones arrive you will be there to share their welcome and rehabilitation.

What happens at the actual time your body dies?
There are many books and articles from people like Howard Storm who have had near death experiences when their spirit/soul leaves their body but comes back again and their physical state is restored. Yesterday I met a woman in a shop that shared her experience. Years ago she had been in a pub in Bermondsey in London, a place notorious at that time for its gangs and criminals. Suddenly a man had come in and shot the person she was with in a gangland reprisal. The shock sent her consciousness /soul from her body and she was drawn through a tunnel towards a light and she looked down and saw herself hiding beneath a table in the pub. After a short while she came back into herself and found that she hadn’t actually been shot herself although her companion had died. How has this affected her? Well firstly she has totally embraced the belief that she is more than her body and secondly, her hair turned white overnight as a result of the shock!

A few years before my mother died she had a stroke. She was able to talk and after a while able to walk a little. However, she was not the same at all after that and I had the heart pain that one normally feels when a loved one dies. I cried and suffered severe grief for some time. I was convinced that from that time only part of my mother’s consciousness was with her. At the time of her death last year, just moments after her body failed, I felt the euphoric reunion of her soul as the two parts of her came back together and I knew that she was at peace and in a happy state. Since then I have had messages from her through mediums that she is in fact very, very happy and living in a light and wonderful place, yet she like most of us, had her doubts about God, heaven and the after-life.

I believe that what occurs for us during our lifetimes comes down to two main things: our own intentions, desires and needs and the lessons we have set ourselves to learn through experiences – some good and some bad. But when we pass over we will move to a place that reflects the reality of positivity and love in which we live. If we have lost touch with the truth of who we are – a spiritual and loving being – then we will be shown this when we die and through the loving guidance of our spiritual guides and angels we will be drawn to the realisation that we are all created of light and love and that is the true essence of what we are and always will be as long as our souls exist. Although I may have anxieties about old age in general (worried I won’t be able to do all I want!) I don’t fear death for I have seen enough to know it will be an exhilarating and beautiful experience. So see you there! Not for a while though!

Love and hugs Anne xxxxx

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