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My position is this.. I am a healer. Not by choice but by design.
Sometimes I get this consiousness that ‘everyone is doing fine/well-but at my expense’ Like I am getting really sick, while others lives around me improve, I FEEL, due to my efforts. Where they do not make an effort on their part. Is this because

of the people I choose to ineract with?, or because of my healing nature?. Do I need to be more sensible and discriminating about who I
choose to heal in my life?, eg, not to heal a family where there are four children and two alcoholic parents?. Do I need to set boundaries?, and how does a healer set boundaries when it is not obvious to others why they are setting those boundaries in ‘normal terms of self serving interests’ that are easy to understand by concentoinal standards… ie; they are being selfish clearly because they want this, or that. But healers selfishness is for purposes that cannot easily be seen., ie, their self preservation allows them to only take on what they can do, and not to take on so much that they become very sick, as has been seen in the history of many healers. Please help me with this difficult enquiry.

Your letter reminds me of several healers who I have helped in the past in that it’s often difficult to ensure a good balance of work and life when you feel you have a duty or mission to help others. Let me share my views on this situation.

Firstly, you mention that you are a healer not from choice. I presume you have discovered that you have healing powers and that you have felt a “calling” to use these skills rather than fulfilling a dream to heal. I think you need to give some serious thoughts and meditations to look inside yourself to see if you are really doing what your heart desires. If you are following your life purpose you will be in tune with your heart as this is where the link flows to your higher self (where your life purpose plan resides). If your heart has any scars or blockages you may not be able to fully connect to this plan. You may also be getting a distorted impression of what your plan is. For example you may have planned to accept you have healing powers but to use them through some other work that feels really right for you. Nurses, carers, teachers, nannies and many many other occupations can become outstanding when healing is part of your nature. So I would ask you to be honest with yourself to see if you are on the absolutely right track. Is the job of a healer what you really, really want to do or would something else suit you better – make you happier, even fulfil you more?

Drop the burden of “should do”
Then you need to let go the feeling that you ought to be doing healing. Just because you can doesn’t mean you must. I have had to move away from one to one sessions myself as I realised that it doesn’t suit me any more for a number of reasons. I pursued this role for a bit long than it suited me, but like you too, I felt I “should” be doing. I too started to feel an anger and resentment – not at
all the state of mind and heart that I wanted to experience. This anger was my inner self trying to get my attention and this is the case with you too.
If you do continue with the healing as a full time occupation then you need to be fully aware of the “dangers” and the elephant traps on your path. One is that you need to have clear and strong boundaries – as you have suspected already – to ensure that you do not give away all or your life force energy. Learn to say no and know when your heart, mind and body have reached the point where your are forcing yourself and debilitating yourself. That is essential otherwise you will get burnt out and sick! Also you need to make sure you protect your energies at all times and cleanse yourself after sessions. You can use Archangel Michael’s blue flame, my symbol of protection or any other that suits you. I have written a small book you can download – Protect Yourself as there are many suggestions there that can help you. Calling in the Violet Flame of St Germaine will help you to cleanse your energy after a session but you can also shower in lime shower gel or have a bath of salts.

Other People’s Views and Judgement
Lastly, you need to step away from the judgement of others. Allow it to flow over your head. Another reason for protecting yourself here! There are many myths and beliefs around the work of a healer: e.g. you should do the work for nothing as it’s a gift – it is a beautiful gift and a blessing but we don’t expect musicians and artists to do their work for free. Healing energies are free but the art and the knowledge that you gain that makes the healing effective takes years to perfect and then some! You also need to value your time as in any occupation your time is of value so let go any guilt on that part. It’s again not an unusual way to think but allow yourself to let that go.

Selva – whatever work you do you will always be a healer and you will be helping people consciously and unconsciously as you allow the loving energies that heal to flow from your heart. Any doubts and concerns you have about the way your work will act as blocks. Just do what feels right for you without any “should” or “ought to”s and enjoy your life. Being happy and openhearted is the goal that we are working towards because happy and fulfilled people lift the energies of families, communities, countries and the world. The Ripple Effect in action. Let it start from you right now!

Bless your heart – be yourself and be happy.


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  • I am also a healer and I was into healing in a big way helping start the Lymington healing group. Only on a voluntary basis we asked for donations to help Us pay for the room. Up until recently I haven’t been involved with healing very much. As I was giving healing to my husband I was told to do fundraising for the 80,000 displaced children in Beirut. I have made £500 in September and I’m now up to £650. Then money has been going to Save the Children emergency Beirut appeal. I’ve been selling masks, books and giving healing and have had the most wonderful uplifting feeling. I have found my healing gift has become more powerful. I can recommend giving healing to help a charity as it is then a three way project. The recipient of the healing feels good, the charity benefits and you feel on top of the world because you know you are helping many children. Love and light, Barbara

    • Dear Barbara

      Thank you for your input. I agree totally with you: when we give our healing and raise money for a third party it’s a full exchange of love. There is another aspect to consider too. Whenever you give healing you are spreading light and uplift so many more souls than just the one person you are helping directly. Because we are all connected other souls with the same issue and resonance will also be lifted and healed. Love Anne xxxx

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