A Question of Archangels

I don’t know why it has taken so long to realise and to wonder why all Archangels appear to be male. Why is this?

ArchangelDear Sue
Good question!!! You really made me think and I have to be honest I don’t have a definitive answer although I have my own feelings on this.

I was always under the impression that angels were both male and female (androgynous). I also think that they show themselves to us in the way that is most acceptable. This actually goes for all spiritual beings. My mother who passed on in July came to visit at a Norwegian spiritualist church where I was speaking and she showed herself to the medium as an old lady who couldn’t walk – in fact the Norwegian medium thought she looked English – like Miss Marples! This was to help identify herself to the audience, specifically to me. She then told the medium she was dancing to Glen Miller – which happened to be one of my mother’s all-time favourites and whose music we played for her at her funeral and celebration party afterward. That made it very clear to me that my mother had come through – needless to say I burst into tears at that point. But it proved that she could show herself as an image that was easy to understand. When I see her in my dreams or when she comes through with a message for me I see a much younger version and my father always shows himself sitting on a fence in the country smoking a pipe!

For many years I have been guided by a wonderful old man with long beard (does that sound familiar?) he calls himself Lord Maitreyer. But I know that other people have a different picture or vision of Maitreyer(just look at Google Images). I don’t think any are wrong but we see what we need to see to get the message the spiritual being wishes to convey.

Why do these great angelic beings, the archangels,most often show themselvesin masculine form? Well, I think in the past most people have always seen the most powerful and protective beings in their lives as men. It’s only in modern times that we have started to look for, discover and acknowledge power and strength in women.

To be honest, even now, I would prefer to believe my safety was in the hands of a powerful hunk with muscles, angelic or not, rather than with a beautiful wraith with harp in hand! But I think if you ask they will come to you as you would prefer – take your choice!

Hope that helps Sue, and thanks again for the question and very topical.

Love and hugs

Anne x


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