A Question of Manifesting

Dear Anne,

Are we “allowed” to pray for things? I am a little confused. I read that we are the only authority in our life, and that we have free will. However, I also read that we should always ask the Universe for things with the qualification that it comes to us “under grace”, that it is right for us. I previously prayed very hard for a job promotion but the result was I had to deal with jealousy from people I thought were my friends. I suffered stress, anxiety and poor health and my work performance worsened as a result.
I am a little afraid to specify what I want now, in case it turns out to be the “wrong” thing, a little like “be careful what you ask for, you might just get it” yet I worry that just “going with the flow” might get me nowhere too. I would really appreciate your advice on this.
Thank you and best wishes,


Dear Bee,

Thank you for your question as it’s something many people have asked. As we have the ability to create (this we inherit from our soul lineage to the Creator!) we are doing this with our minds all the time. Every thought with intention is an act of creation. So creating for us is easy. And it would be if every thought was a positive thought and if all our wants, needs and wishes were in in tune with each other. Unfortunately, we tend to have a number of negative thoughts flowing – some in background mode such as “I am not good enough”, “I don’t deserve money” etc. and some which are actually manifesting against our wish. E.g. this is one that I know a lot about: “I want to lose weight” positive intention and “I want to eat a bar of chocolate” – sending us on skew from our original intention. In your case “I want a management role” and “I want to keep my friends” – not always possible to create both!

It’s really important to be clear about what you want – get your priorities sorted.

Now we come to our higher-self intentions – what we often call our Life’s Purpose – which is the plan we made for our life before we arrived. Sometimes our baser, lower or denser thoughts and wants are in contention with what we aspire to in this lifetime. So again a conflict of interests here! The good news here is that over time we tend to bring these two lines of thought into one and if we use our heart in the process of manifesting then what we want to do in our life is in line with what we set out to do; in other words our hearts desire.

To make sure there are is no self sabotaging I follow this simple process:

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Visualise yourself doing it or having it
  3. Draw it
  4. Focus on your heart – you can do this by touching your heart centre in the middle of your chest – Say “I release any energies or vows that stop me from fulfilling my dream” This will clear any vows you may have made in a past life that may block your manifestation.
  5. Say out loud “I manifest – say here what it is you want – if this is for my highest good” this prevents you clashing with your life plan or what is best for you.
  6. Ask for help “I call upon – whichever Spiritual leader/Master you wish to ask to assist – in my manifestation and creation.” This is your prayer that you mention. Perfectly OK to ask for help from Spirit and again they know what is best for us as they can see the bigger picture.
  7. Now the last step is very important “I let go and let it be in whatever way is the best for me and others” This prevents you demanding something for a certain time when the timing may well suit you better at a later date.

I hope this helps Bee. It has always worked for me. Just remember when something you want doesn’t come about at the time you want it may be better for you to either learn a lesson or to fulfil your purpose better at a later time. There is always a reason things work as they do. But there is nothing wrong in having a dream, wish or vision for yourself.

Anne x

PS Your dream took you to learning a lesson about other people’s insecurities and fears. See them for what they are. You also know the price of promotion in a current job location. It’s always preferable if possible to move and then you won’t carry the label of your first position with you.

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