A Smell of Smoke

smellHi Anne,

I hope this email finds you well.

For some time I can smell smoke in my home. I just assumed it was from the neighbours upstairs. However, the smell has been getting stronger, like the smell of smoke from someone who chain smokes cigarettees. I presume it’s a man, as I don’t smell anything feminine, like perfume alongside it. Nana was here today doing my hair and she felt a presence. I went to the toilet and smelt the strong smell of cigarettes, near my bedroom door. I called her and she smelt it too.

I looked at the topics on your You tube videos, but i didn’t find anything dealing with this. What would you suggest i do, to get rid of it and for and anything similar in the future and to stop it/them returning.

Lots of love, Anon.

Dear Anon,

I have personally only once experienced other world smells and this was just after my father-in-law passed away. I was in our sitting room with my daughter and husband when I suddenly caught a whiff of pipe smoke. It got stronger and stronger and I knew it was Den as it was exactly the fragrance of his brand of pipe tobacco. Although Tony and Mandy didn’t noticed a smell of smoke it was a strong confirmation for all of us that Den’s spirit was with us and that he existed and carried on despite his death in physical form.

In your case it could be a sign that there is a spirit presence in your home – maybe it is one of your relatives who have passed – did any of them smoke? Or it could be a spirit that is attached to the house. If it is a relative it will go once you have acknowledged it if it’s a spirit who may have once lived in that house, then you may want to help that spirit move on as it will be in a form of limbo neither of this world or the next. There are not guarantees that a clearing will work as its very much a case of free will if a spirit moves on or not. However, it’s worth a try as it may be the soul who would prefer to be in the heavenly realms rather than hanging around the earth – no disrespect to your home, but it would be better for the spirit to be on a higher plane now!

You may want to try this approach – it has worked for me on several occasions:

  • Protect yourself with the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael
  • Call in the energies of Archangel Michael to help you
  • Ask the spirit to look at the angel and follow to the heavenly realms.
  • Tell the spirit that there is nothing to fear (they are often confused or fearful of judgement)
  • Then ask Michael to take the spirit to the light – Now, Right now, Right now. Say this out loud and repeat three times
  • Smudge the room with sage or any of your favourite clearing incense
  • Do the house blessing that you will find in my workshop Healing Negative Energies.

Good luck! If this doesn’t work for you then you may like to ask Debbie Rye of www.alternativeways.co.uk to help you as for a small fee she will clear a house from a distance.

Anne x


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