After Effects of Healing

the-after-effects-of-healing-300x225Is it normal to get a very bloody period after a workshop like that we had?
I got my period on Sunday… 14 days too early… And very bloody. And I have also had a kind of pain in the area around my neck and shoulder on the right side.
I have also had a strange dream tonight.
I saw myself in a rainbow with colours up to green. Blue, indigo and purple was missing. And there were some guides say to me that they have to heal my throat, 3th eye and crown chakra. When they had “cleaned up” I was able to see the whole rainbow. And when I woke up, I felt I was laying on a bed of light and my right side was much better. It was a strange dream and I am nearly good in my right side now.

After an intensive healing process, which is what you went through at the retreat, it’s not unusual to go through some physical symptoms of release.  This is often in the form of sickness or upset tummy – in your case your body has released old toxic energy through your menstrual stream.  Of course, your body and spirit are so connected that there is often a powerful reaction when one aspect of your heals and mind, body and spirit can all affect each other e.g. when you heal your heart your mind can become less negative and less anxious and when you heal your mind your heart can open and you can feel more at peace.

Your effects have been obvious and are strong indicators of positive results due to your own strong intention to heal – bless you.

I loved the rainbow dream – that was great. Dreams are indicators that healing is continuing at a subconscious level and again an strong sign that your request for help is being answered from Spirit in the form of the angels and their rainbow energies.

A healing shift and transformation of old scars and imprints can also bring on a lot of emotions. This can occur before the shift actually takes place, through the process and afterwards as well. When I had a massive healing to my heart during a visit to Pondicherry in India some years ago, I cried off and on for six weeks, before I arrived, during the visit where I was visited by angels who took me into my heart to show me how it works and what needed to heal and then after during the rest of my holiday I was bursting into tears – all over the place and all over my friends! So emotional roller-coasters where you can be elated one minute but down the next are not unusual as your spirit and body adjust to the “new you” and your energies settle into the new phase of your journey.

Ongoing healing
The healing energies will continue to flow to you while you need it and are open to it, so every day do the morning ritual (see my YouTube on AnneJonesHealer) and the healing energies will continue to work on your conscious and subconscious state of mind and spirit until your intentions of healing are all complete.

Love and hugs Anne xxxxx


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