Anne Jones – June Newsletter 2014

Dear Subscriber,

Firstly, a thank you to those of you who shared my personal revelations at our first Spiritual Gathering in London. You were the first group to hear my new insights into the deeper and inner workings of the heart centre and to receive the karmic healing of the heart. You helped me to anchor this energy so yes, a big thank you to you for opening your hearts and minds.

I have discovered that the heart centre is far more powerful, more intricate and more multi-dimensional than I had first thought. Rather than having a single rose to represent the heart I see it now as a huge bunch of roses. Each rose representing a chamber of the heart and each chamber responsible for a different aspect of our lives.

I will be sharing these insights and the opportunities of healing these chambers and their interfacing aspects in depth at the

“Getting to the Heart of the matter” Lincolnshire Retreat in October this year at the beautiful 5 star Skendleby Hall with lovely spa facilities!
The heart connections we will heal/transform and empower will include:

  • Your work
  • Your psychic abilities
  • Your close family relationships
  • Your partnerships and lovers
  • Your body
  • With spirit
  • With nature
  • Your True Self and sense of self – including assurance, confidence and potential

I have used these new techniques and insights on a number of people now and am amazed how effective they are at clearing and opening the heart to allow your light to shine into every aspect of your life, giving a real sense of connectivity and empowerment where there has been fear and resistance. There are some places left at the retreat so please consider joining me and allow yourself to “Get to the Heart of the Matter”!!

For those of you who cannot join me in October please keep in touch as I will share these and other insights and healing opportunities online on our new site –

The Power of You

I am getting closer to understanding the potential of the internet to connect us for our mutual advantage!

Big hugs and blessings from a woman immersed in the miracles and also the challenges of our spirit and the technical age!!!!!

Anne xxxxxxx

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