Anne Jones – October 2014 Newsletter 1

Dear Member,

I am now in the beautiful and relaxed surroundings of the retreat space in Lincolnshire. I am finding with every day that passes, this new work of focusing on heart spheres and healing the spheres of the heart to allow healing on every level is just so amazing. It truly is the key and it is an absolute joy to watch the changes that are happening for those who experience this.

If you missed the first webinar of this healing then you can still do the workshop. It is available to be downloaded and you can then watch it and do the work when you are ready. If you are struggling with Partnerships or Relationships in any way then I would highly recommend you do this, seeing the effect it has is just wonderful. You can view the workshop here and the cost is £8 (£6 for Power of You members).

View Session 1 Here

Session 2 is the Psychic Connection heart sphere. This sphere, if blocked, can lead to a feeling of separation and also an inability to connect with your higher self. If you struggle to get clarity and to listen to that inner voice then this session will help you to clear that and reconnect with all that is, with all that you are! I would love you to join me, you can join here. The cost for the live interactive webinar is just £13, with 33% discount for Power of You members –

Session 2 – Psychic Connection Heart Sphere Healing.

On my blog website, I answer questions that may help others. A recent question focused on the damaging effect of a Love Spell – you can have a read of this here.

So, I send you much love and heart healing wishes from beautiful Lincolnshire. I hope to meet up with you in November at the Spiritual Gathering or to see you online for the next Heart Spheres Healing Webinar

Lots of love and hugs,
Anne xxx

PS. The healing intention for October focuses on stopping the exploitation of wild animals, the intention is on the side bar for you to use as often as possible.

heart spheres

We can all feel that being kind, bending over backwards and going out of our way to help others is what we need to do to acheive happiness. Certainly, being kind hearted and loving is a beautiful thing to do for one another. However, it is also equally important for us to be aware of our boundaries and to not allow anyone or anything to cross over those boundaries and cause us to be out of balance in our own lives. We cannot help one another if we are tired, stressed, overwhelmed and out of balance so, be aware of your own boundaries and the importance of keeping yourself strong. If people overstep the mark and push themselves against our boundaries, it is our responsibility to firmly put our boundary back up and say No! Look after your boundaries and they will look after you. xxx

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