Anne Jones – October 2014 Newsletter 2

Dear Member,

I have just unpacked from the retreat in Lincolnshire and I have now had time to reflect on it and what we achieved. It was a lovely week with a great group – helped, I don’t doubt, by the focus on our heart centres! It was a great chance for me to share my insights on all the heart spheres that link our hearts to every aspect of our lives. It was a full and concentrated process and as it unfurled I realised that this work is not so much a healing of our hearts but a healing of our WHOLE LIVES! We spent time looking inwards at the spheres (each aspect has its own sphere or section of your heart) to find the cause of the inner demons, imprints and scars then looking out to see their effects on our lives and finally bringing in the energy to heal and clear them. Then seeing how we can shine our own light out to heal and clear the way forward in each aspect of our lives – whether this be our relationship without children, our parents, our partners, money, our work or how we think and our ability to connect to our intuition and 6th sense. It truly is a full-on healing of every aspect of your life but through your heart – using a combination of your own inner light and the spiritually channelled energies that I bring in to complete the process. I am replicating this in my monthly on-line workshops (webinar sessions – one for each of the 16 aspects that I have identified so far). You can do these with me live or through the recorded video session.

Booking and Information

I am very excited about this work as it allows you to identify your problem, or the cause and with intention and focus plus divine energy we can make shifts and clear really longstanding problems. I am now writing the synopsis for a book on the subject as I feel really passionate about sharing this.

My next live event is on 15th October 7.30pm UK time – Energising and empowering your Intuitive abilities through healing your Psychic Sphere – Do you feel you are blocked from going forward, do you feel you are not connected, do you wish it were easier to make decisions are you at a crossroads and would like to be in touch with your own higher guidance? Would you like to feel more in tune with yourself and with all that surrounds you and have more of a knowing what is right for you? This session will open you to your higher wisdom, intuition and sixth sense.

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So with fingers flying I leave you to busy,busy on the keyboard – see you soon I hope – or connect through the airwaves at one of my on-line events.

Big hugs. Anne xxxx

PS – I picked an Inner Sight card for you today, the card that came out was Fun!! The message is below.



You have chosen to bring fun into your life. This is a time to let go your reserve and allow yourself time to laugh, time to party, time to see the funny side of life. Mix with people who are inclined to laugh rather than complain and organise an outing or a party. What makes you laugh? What is your idea of fun? Do it!


Close your eyes and see yourself in a playground. You are surrounded by fun things, roundabouts, slides and swings. Allow yourself time to play. Run and jump and play ridiculous games. Know that you can do what you like as there is no-one to control you, no-one to inhibit you. See yourself as a free spirit.


Hold the intention of laughing and seeing the fun in life. Do the things you enjoy. Plan to lighten up your life. Make a decision to do what makes your heart sing.

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