Anne Jones – September 2014 Newsletter 3

workshopsDear Member,

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday with a group of friends that is an annual event – in fact we celebrated our 25th anniversary of these holidays. It was only when the very first spat of any kind occurred that I realised that nothing is worth damaging a deep friendship for and nothing can come between or spoil my love for my friends – how easy it is to forgive and move on when that is held as the main priority! But I do know that fractures can occur between people who have been intimate and close and barriers are placed up to cope with hurtful things that can be said in anger or fear.

In my new online workshop series I will be working on these barriers that we place to protect our vulnerability and all barriers that we raise consciously and subconsciously that stop our love and life force energy from flowing freely. The Heart Spheres workshops are more than about healing your heart – they allow your life force to flow uninterruptedly through every aspect of your life – money, work, children, creativity etc, etc. When we are fully connected to life and to our spiritual self then synchronicity takes over from struggle and harmony takes over from conflict. You can Join Here and do not forget, if you are a member of The Power of You community then you receive a 33% discount on the webinar cost, you will find the discount code on your home page. The first session on Wednesday will focus on the problems of partnerships.

The Spiritual Gathering date has been moved to later on in the year – Sunday 16th November. We will have a day of healing and meditation to clear those scars and pesky imprints that prevent you from moving forward! I would love it if you could join me.

Big hugs to you

Love Anne xxx

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