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Wow, I am still reeling from the effects of the amazing full moon! What an opportunity to send out for your dreams and wishes to such a powerful energy. I must admit my cosmic ordering or manifesting, whatever you may wish to call it, was focused close to home this time. My husband was recently diagnosed with High Grade, level 4 Lymphoma so health has become the issue of the moment. Fortunately, we have an amazing medical team at the local hospital and he has already started his treatment plan and, so far, he hasn’t had any dire side effects and we are both totally positive about a full remission for him.

Of one thing I am absolutely confident that our experiences do make us stronger and there is a reason for everything that happens. We attract situations to help us step through the spiritual development that we have set ourselves for this life time and as long as we see and gain the wisdom of the experiences rather than become a victim of them then we can grow. Through our growth we are better placed to find our own happiness – rather than living in fear – and also, of course, we can help others find their happiness too. Tony and I have received so much love and support over the last few weeks that I have felt wrapped in a warm blanket, safe and secure. It makes me realise the power of love, prayers and kindness when we are in our darkest place. So, thank you to everyone who has sent their kind thoughts to us and please continue to send your great vibes to all those you know that need your love – I can tell you it really, really works!

Workshop Plans for 2108
Tony’s illness has obviously thrown out most of our personal travel and social plans for the next six months as I slip into the role of carer, driver and supporter! Actually, a most rewarding role it is too! I am rescheduling my trip to Kuala Lumpur till next year but am still planning to go to Oslo to give a weekend retreat Healing and Empowering Women – which will include the wonderful Wise Woman rituals used by the Native American Indians. I went through this ceremony myself years ago (see pic below) and it was one of my most uplifting and empowering experiences so hopefully you can join me in honouring your amazing feminine powers.

I am speaking at the Mind Body Spirit Fair at Lyndhurst, Hampshire, UK on Sunday 11th March – details will be posted on my website soon so please check back.

I am giving a full day Healing and Empowering Workshop on Sunday 8th April in BURLEY, Hampshire. For more information and booking please contaxt Brenda – brenda@annejones.org. More details to follow, but if you can, please join me – pop the date in your diary.

Healing for You

I will continue to send out healing to you every month wherever you are. If you follow me on Face Book. I post the dates and you can just click LIKE to show your intention or simply open up to the energies at the designated time or afterwards. The next session is at 7.30pm (UK time) on Friday 16th February.

I am sending you my love, gratitude for connecting and biggest hugs. I am positive and uplifted in this moment and I see you strong and uplifted too.

Anne xxxx

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