Being at my Door

being-at-the-doorHello Anne,

About 7 years ago there was a being at my door ( I was just moving back to Florida) who posed as a healer and this being had Aspergers Syndrome. He was 53 at that time. After talking to him for about an hour, I detected he was evil. I excused myself and shut the door. Since that time this being caused disastrous effects upon my son and I. I have written to authorities everywhere to pick him up, but no one has. He has caused many people throughout his life considerable damage. He is demonic and finds it funny to do these things. He is 61 and continues to do these bad things. Praying, fasting and leading a godly life have been on my menu since this time. Can anyone stop this being? I am very tired. He has blocked soulmate, Monies and much more that is unthinkable.

Sincerely Annette.

Dear Annette,

I am so sorry to hear that you have had your life and that of your son so disrupted by this man. Unfortunately, we do not have the right to “shut him down” and only society’s normal laws and procedures can be used. However, he was drawn into your life for a purpose. We all have magnets that bring what we need towards us, sometimes we attract blessings, sometimes challenges. If there is something within you that needs healing then it is often the negative challenge that comes to the fore. The purpose will be for you to grow and learn something from the experience. Of course, this is your lesson, but from my sense this is a lesson to understand the strength of love and light that is your core essence; to know that light is stronger than darkness and for you to be aware of your own spiritual power. At the moment he has the power because he doesn’t care and he is fulfilling his own personal agenda (despicable though this is). You need to unleash your own power – the power of love that is your essence and this will be much, much stronger than his dark agenda. So the way ahead is to understand what is behind the situation and to receive healing and release any negativity that you are holding (unconsciously of course) and any fears that you harbour. I believe all healing must come through the heart as the layers of barriers, imprints and scars that come from our earthly experiences block the heart; stop our light shining and prevent our true courageous and fearless spirit from shining out. I am running a series of workshops that are dedicated to clearing all that blocks this light in all aspects of our lives.

In your case it would seem that partnership, finance and more have been blocked, bless you – these need clearing for you to find the happiness you seek.

To free yourself of the energy that this man has dropped onto you and your life I suggest you request a healing and I will focus on clearing the energies and lifting your own spirits – also I will help you clear any imprints or fears from your past that may have attracted this in.  You are connected to Spirit through your spiritual practises so you have the right links and connections. Sense these higher forces of light channelling through you. Also hold the intention of allowing your light to shine strongly, see yourself as far more powerful than this man, protect your energy daily, see him for what he is a sick man with a distorted view of life.

Sending you lots of love and big hugs and hope to be connected through either the workshops or the healing session soon (or better still both!)

Love and blessings

Anne x


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