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black-magicHi Anne,

Ever since some people came to my house July 2013, I have been having constant attacks. I was told that the guy named John put black magic around the house. They had access to my house through an organization that claims to help homeowners with minor repairs. I have done many clearing on my house. I have spent all my savings. I have strange movement on my spine. My chiropractor said the vertebrae on my back are becoming weak and out of place. I know when they came, they helped to repair my fence. They got a new pole that they cemented to hold the fence up. I have a strange feeling that the guy used the fence to represent my spine and thereby my spine supporting the fence. I know it sounds strange but that’s what I feel. How can I break this magic. I need your help desperately. Also I thank you for the wonderful meditation you’ve put together in your site and healing. I find them soothing. You’re truly a blessing to mankind. God bless your heart.

Thank very much.
Mr F.

Dear Mr F,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing the effects of black magic or negative energies from the maintenance man. The effects on your back would suggest that in some way you do not feel able to support yourself or are not fully aligned spiritually to your higher self and God. When we have negative beliefs about ourselves its usually because of past experience or the way other people have spoken to us – so we doubt ourselves and in your case you doubt your own ability to be strong enough to manage your life or to repel the negativity of other people. This inner doubt can act as a magnet to draw more challenges so you need to build up your self-esteem by your meditations and opening your heart and in the meantime call in help to protect your home, your energies and your mind-set. There are several options you can chose for protection and I have written a small book on this subject that you can down load from – Protect Yourself.. I have also a full online workshop available called Healing Negative Energies on my website. I would suggest you do the mantra for Setrap Chen – repeat it 7 times and every morning call this in. Another good way to strengthen your resolve, your energy and align yourself spiritually is the morning ritual available on Youtube.



Sending you lots of love, strength and blessings

Love and blessings

Anne x


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