Body Speak Part 1 – Is Your Body Shouting at You?

Can you hear your body speak? Are you listening to the hints and suggestions from your body that maybe you have wandered off track a little or sticking to a path that no longer works for you?
I am sure this isn’t the first time someone has suggested to you that you should listen to your body! However, I have experienced some pretty profound lessons recently and my body has tried very hard to nudge me, then kick me and finally slam me down as I persisted in my own obstinate way to ignore it and PUSH ON!


A couple of years ago I suffered, and I mean suffered, earache and then total loss of hearing! Ha ha that should have told me a lot, shouldn’t it? How many of my friends said “What are you not listening to?” mmmm, I suspect I have too many friends with modern beliefs! Well, eventually after five weeks without energy and resting on the sofa I started to realise this was a serious transition and that a major change was called for. Then a few weeks later my right knee collapsed under me in searing pain. Aha – what does Louise Hay say about that? You are resisting moving forward! A week after that I was explaining my schedule for the year to a friend and I suddenly burst into tears at the very thought of it! And so did she, haha. As you can see I am a slow learner but at last I realised that my time as a hands-on-healer was over. Shock horror! Lots of tears but a huge sense of relief as well. Sitting with people 7 or 8 hours a day was beginning to affect me and my last trip overseas I found my body positively screaming through my joints.

So a change of direction and slowing down on the travel and my knee fully recovered, my ears were working better than before and my joints were happy again!

So I ask you to sit for a moment and consider your aches and pains and illnesses. Some of your illness may be due to old patterns and attitudes, such as giving all your time to others (cancer) or holding onto old slights and upsets (kidneys, liver and bowels). The body has a spirit – an elemental and it needs to be treated with respect and gratitude just like any other elemental such as nature spirits in the environment. When we force ourselves to hold toxic energy or push our body too hard then we are hurting that spirit and unlike the emotional body and the mind there is nowhere to dump the toxic energy. The Buck Stops Here – with the body. So speak to it, consider it and respect it. And most of all listen to it when it throws you a hint – otherwise it will have to rugby tackle you to the ground in order to make you listen!

Love and blessings Anne xxx

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  1. Dear Anne, this is a very instructive story but sometimes things are not so obvious. I have got an issue with my bladder. What does Louise Hay say about this? She says, it is a fear of something, but there are so many fears in ones life. Which one is it? How can you release a fear I really do not understand completely the process of releasing an emotion, especially a fear of something. In your case you have changed a real action in your life. You have changed the way you do your job, that is a concrete action .
    Thank , Love and Blessing Ljiljana

  2. Dear Liljana
    I have found that most fears are attached to some form of scar, imprint or programming that has become embedded into your cellular memory. So we have to heal the wounding that is underneath in order to free the fear. Often these imprints come from early life or even past life trauma where pain and shock will hold the emotions of that moment locked in. There should be clues in your current life as to the source but its not always obvious as you say. Bladder problems to me signal a reluctance to let go emotions that are attached to past experiences in this lifetime. If you are still angry, frustrated, hurting or in any way emotional about a person or experience in your past. Try writing down any emotions that you feel about past events or people and burn the paper with the intention of releasing those emotions for ever. You may have to do this several times but it does work well. All pushed down emotions create a toxic environment for your physical body. Healing where the intention is to go deep to find the cause and release it would help you. Love and hugs Anne xxx

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