Body Speak Part 2

This is a follow-on from my previous blog about the way our body speaks to us and the need for us to listen to its language. I thought it might be useful if I give some more examples of body speak and also see if there is a way for you to have a dialogue – even if it’s just a simple Yes or No. “Yes that will suit you” or “Don’t touch that with a long stick!”


Any negative thinking will impact your energy field and that in turn impacts your physical state. Different parts of your body will be affected by on-going and repetitive thoughts or emotional conditions. Let me give you an example. For years I had hard and persistent calluses on the balls of my feet. Whatever I did they would grow back time and time again. Changing shoes, the height of my heels or even going bare foot didn’t help. A few years ago I realised that my feet were clear of this problem so I asked my reflexologist the significance of that particular point on my foot and she replied – the heart centre. Aha – that made perfect sense as over the least twenty years I have focused on healing and opening my heart! Seems that I can tick that box! Job done!
I am now following up all the aches and pains and looking into why they are there and what issues and past situations create them. My next challenge is to find the cause of my lifetime of endometriosis and painful periods as I still get a reaction in that meridian when my feet are massaged despite having had a hysterectomy showing that imprints or spiritual scars stay even when organs are removed.

The Impact on our body from Past Life Experiences
This problem in my reproductive organs seems to be a wounding from a past life as I discovered from another of my life-long physical problems. Since I was born I had what my mother called ‘bilious attacks’. Once a month I would experience severe vomiting. There never was a diagnosis and these attacks continued through my adult life, usually alongside migraine headaches and extreme period pains. Eventually they stopped – coincidently at the time I started to work with healing energies – no coincidence of course – as this was a time when I opened up and acknowledged my spiritual aspect. Although I was happy that I no longer had the bilious attacks I continued to suffer from an extremely acid digestive system that caused hiatus hernia, ulcers and other uncomfortable side effects. Eventually, I decided to seek out the underlying cause of this condition so I approached a lovely healer I knew called Jenny Lethbridge who gave me two sessions to find the root cause of my digestive problems. This is, of course, the work I do with other people but I know it’s hard to heal your own soul and physical imprints. I won’t go into all the gory details but she led me back to a life where I had been forced to drink a particularly vile poison that burnt my insides from top to bottom before I died in agony. My enemy in that lifetime had been the head of a religious sect that found my work healing the poor a threat to their authority – a familiar tale and a situation I have seen often in my clients past lives especially those who are, or who wish to be, therapists and healers. Once I understood the cause I healed the imprint (with help from Jenny) and I cleared the karma with my enemy. I also spoke to my body and asked it to heal. Since then I can eat chocolate late at night and not have any side effects. Hurray – although it has its downside as I have put on a few pounds since that healing!

Body language for yes or no
Everything has a spirit and the spirit of your body is an elemental being which reflects the well being of your body and holds its blueprint just like the spirits of plants hold the blueprint of how they should grow and what they will look like. As spirit it can interact with your own spiritual essence – your higher self/soul. So if you ask your body what it wants, if it’s adverse to something or if it needs a particular treatment it will tell you. There are several techniques available for this including kinesiology – muscle testing. So if you wish to develop good communication with your body you can learn one of these techniques. But your body will also speak to you directly on behalf of your higher self and respond to questions such as “will this job suit me” or “is this man good for me”!! It connects through your higher self and so has a greater understanding of the real you far more than your mind which is affected by all sorts of outside and inside influences. These include doing what you have been programmed to believe is good for you or being manipulated by family and society to do what is considered ‘right’.
Another way to read the messages of your body is to open to the feelings that run through your physical form. For example, if something is right for me I get a warm feeling in my chest – from my heart centre, if it’s a bad choice I get a disturbed feeling in my stomach – my gut. I call this my worm and it wriggles around inside me when something isn’t right. I spent years disregarding these “feelings” but now that I listen I make better choices in every part of my life. Another “feeling” I have is the whoosh that goes through me when I discover a truth or I say something that is true. This whoosh makes the hairs on my arm stand up!

You might like to start to check your own body language out – it certainly makes life a lot easier and saves you going down dead ends or making choices that end up as challenges!
My body is now speaking to me and telling me that chocolate biscuit would be a marvellous treat for it!

Love and fat hugs Anne xxxx

In my personal one to one healing sessions I most often see the past life that is the underlying cause of a problem. I follow the energy of the issue or fear of my client and then I am shown where the problem started – most often we replay the same challenge in each lifetime till we “get it” and understand the life lesson its it trying to teach us. You can book a session with me with [email protected]

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