Broken Heart & Grief

A broken heart can feel like it will never heal, but it can and will. All of these things will help towards that happening but remember to be patient with yourself.

broken heart and grief

Recorded Healing Sessions

  • Healing Loneliness, isolation and the wounds of rejection
  • Healing Rejection
  • Night Time Ritual

All available on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded Meditations

  • Power to Your Higher Self
  • The Bigger Picture of Your Life
  • At Peace in a Country Garden
  • Pluto Energies & New Beginnings
  • Venus & Attracting Love

All available on Youtube Channel.

Online eCourses

  • Symbol Healing for the Heart and Soul

All available in my Shop.

Books & CD’s


Youtube Videos

Healing and Opening your Heart to Love

Open Your Heart to Love Meditation

Cutting the Cords and Healing Your Heart

Morning Ritual

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